Thursday, May 24, 2018

Nana Osaki Outfit Collage featuring Zaful items

When you were with me at that time 
I chased after your shadow 
Barefoot, you passed from behind me to stop me 
The more I lock you out, the more complex this love becomes 
Kiss me loosely and gently

 - ANNA inspi' NANA(BLACK STONES) / rose

I am on a forced creative marathon the past weeks as I drag myself to finish a couple of pieces for an upcoming fashion show this Sunday. It's the time of the year when I am having low spirits so for a little creative boost, I thought I'd binge watch on some old favorites that made me fall in love with Jfashion years back- ParaKiss and NANA. I was young and naive when I first watched them so I realized the emotional context of both only until now. And here I am nursing some ''new and improved'' complicated feelings. Hahahuhuhu! Despite that, I can say the experience was beautiful as it made me acknowledge my inner thoughts. I can say it did uplift my spirits somehow but only in an unexpected dark manner. Whoever said anime is for kids, these guys should check again. Nana is especially about dealing with your inner demons and how to live above them. I hope the author will still decide to pick up on the story soon as I need closure. 😂

In light of this, I made a Nana Osaki Outfit Collage featuring some of Zaful's current pieces. I admit I kinda miss seeing the punk kids in the jfash scene. Which piece is your favorite?

Current jam: Anna Tsukiya and Oliva Lufkin

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