Saturday, April 21, 2018

Beau Crescent Turns Four | A Kawaii Tagaytay Getaway

Beau turned four last April 17 and we took her for a quick adventure in Tagaytay City! If you've been following me in social media, I have always expressed how I dislike throwing parties for birthday celebrations. Aside from the fact that I don't find the expenses reasonable, for me, memories and experiences are always the best birthday gifts.

I was meaning to have a mini photoshoot with Beau so I looked for a cute unit we can rent and this Airbnb unit is just perfect. A mishap also happened during our stay as Beau accidentally broke one of their light fixtures huhu. I'm glad the owner is very accomodating despite the trouble and we resolved the damage issue like a breeze. I definitely recommend her place as it's only a walking distance from Olivarez where the bus stop and thrift stores are located. Yep! I am here for the ukay! 😂

Mommy and baby OOTD. Shirley Temple for Beau and Ank Rouge for me. It was a sunny day so we wore these with very minimal styling.

Cityland Residences' roof deck has a breath taking view of Taal! I'll never get tired of it.

Did I already mention I am here for the ukay? Wasn't able to find anything for myself but I was able to score this Shirley Temple dress and a peter pan collar blouse to add to Beau's wardrobe. Total damage is only 160php! I took home lots of pieces for our resale shop, Labyrinth Garden, too.

Just near Cityland is also a strip of flower shops! I so wanted to buy some but our hands are already full with my thrift shopping. The sunflowers are so pretty! You can definitely pull off an ugly place photo challenge here.

We went to Sky Ranch that evening and tried a couple of rides. I find the place generic but Beau's expression when she saw the ferris wheel was the most precious thing! See for yourself on the video I made.

While walking back to our airbnb unit, we discovered this aesthetic restaurant just beside the condominium. I've been eyeing the gorgeous english mansion design of the building when we arrived earlier that day but wasn't able notice the restaurant at first. However, we already bought take-out food so we weren't able to dine. We just bought a small birthday cake for Beau instead. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant discovery and a lolita meet in this place is already on my mental check list. The hotel's name is Hotel Carlito and appears to be newly opened.

Rise and shine! Last day in Tagaytay was spent with a mini photoshoot, last minute thrifting (lol) and rest. We wore the CCS inspired matchy sets that I made.


And that is all for a summary of our quick getaway. I documented most of our trip in videos so here's a happy vlog. Can't wait for our next adventure!