Saturday, January 13, 2018

Lolita Wardrobe Post 2018

I'm more than 10 years into the fashion and it's my first wardrobe post ever. :)) If you've been following me on social media, it's clear that my clothes are either obtained from thrift shopping or I make my own. I don't really do much online shopping. 95% of the clothes featured here are thrift store finds ranging from as low as 10 pesos and up to 180 pesos ($0.20 - $3.50) and a small percentage of handmade which reminds me I should be making more versatile stuff for myself lol. #designerproblems

I'm also in a process of tidying via the konmari method so everything I will show you are pieces that truly "spark joy". I've been looking into the capsule wardrobe lifestyle too but it's kinda contradicting with lolita fashion for it has a collective aspect in it. What I did is I tweaked it into something that can match my lifestyle so after decluttering and destashing my possessions, I ended up with a combined wardrobe for both lolita fashion and my everyday casual wear. Meaning, I held on to versatile pieces that I can wear in and out of lolita so I don't have to keep two separate wardrobes.

So let's begin!

I like pieces that can be styled into lolita and can be worn for casual cute looks so I own a lot of offbrand, otome and himekaji pieces. I keep a very small collection of "lolita only" pieces. For better presentation, I hastily styled them for lolita fashion on my dressform so you can see how versatile they are.

Axes Femme JSK

Coordinated with Moi-meme-Moitie cardigan and Dorotee Sweetlips (handmade) underskirt. Thrift finds.

Offbrand blouse and skirt coordinate. Thrift finds.

Offbrand blouse and skirt coordinate. I've had the blouse too for 10 years already, I think, and I still love it to bits! It's so versatile that I wear it with denim short shorts for a laid back yet cute casual look. Thrift finds.

Liz Lisa one piece dress. It can work for lolita on it's own already since the length is fine on me but an underskirt would definitely make it more polished. Thrift finds.

Another piece that is lolita on it's own. Brand is Ank Rouge. Thrift find.

Offbrand JSK. One of my newer thrift finds.

Liz Lisa himekaji dress. Thrift find.

Offbrand blouse with a pretty lace collar and Angelic Pretty skirt - an old release. Thrift finds.

White vest and also a new acquisition. Got it for 10php only! Skirt is modified from a thrifted plus sized blouse.

These are 10 years old "old". Both bought from Bodyline Osaka branch from our 2008 Japan trip. I don't remember how much I got them but I'm sure I didn't go over 600php. I almost added the skirt into my "to sell" stash but even though it's too sweet compared to my current tastes, it still "spark joy".

Offbrand cat print JSK and Amavel blouse. I love cats, period. Thrift finds.

Snidel dress. I love this one as it's so easy to wear. Thrift find.

The darkest blouse and skirt set I own but not quiet gothic lol. I don't own any gothic. Thrift finds.

Just a happy matchy matchy photo with one of Beau's dresses.

Offbrand peach dress. Also one of my easy to wear dresses! Thrift find.

I know, I know. This coord is kinda ???. I'm getting tired of pairing up pieces at this point lol. Thrift find sailor blouse and Putumayo skirt I got in Harajuku 10 years ago!

Pretty embroidery details!

Offbrand off white JSK and blouse. Thrift finds.

Classic plum offbrand OP. A thrift find c/o my friend. It's been sitting in my closet sale for a long time now and nobody is snatching it so fine, to my wardrobe you go.

Leur Getter JSK and offbrand bolero. Thrift finds.

Liz Lisa dress. This dress is so girly and flirty! Very Liz Lisa! Thrift find.

An attempt to something fairy kei x lolita lol. Blouse is offbrand. Cardigan is Emily Temple Cute and overskirt is Baby. Thrift finds.

Offbrand blouse and Liz Lisa JSK. This JSK is so heavy but I'm weak for the big lace applique treatment. Thrift finds.

Secret Honey OP. One of my kinda hard to wear pieces because it so thematic. Thrift find.

What remained are basic pieces that I didn't bother to pair up just like these two offbrand blouses. Thrift finds.

Reversible skirt from Olive des Olive. Been meaning to wear this for a CCS inspired coordinate. Hey! It has a pocket too! Thrift find.

Blouse from Snidel. My only OTT inner blouse. Thrift find.

Himekaji floral blouse. Thrift find.

Offbrand peach chiffon peignoir. Thrift find.

And lastly, following are three of my handmade pieces! This is the Dorotee Sweetlips JSK I wore to Lace Up! 2017. Inner blouse is modified from a thrifted blouse.

Also, inserting this vintage lace cover-up. Super favorite! Thrift find.

Classic Dorotee Sweetlips JSK made out of vintage embroidered organza fabric. Very delicate IRL!

And blinding you guys with my recent work - a matchy CCS inspired set for me and my daughter because obviously I'm too excited for Clear Card Arc. My boldest piece from my collection in terms of color, hehehe.

My daughter have a pretty decent wardrobe too and I thought I would also share it here. All are thrift finds!

I didn't bother to include accessories, bags and shoes because I'm afraid it will take a lot of time. Sorting and konmari-ing the garments alone took me about 2 weeks (with breaks in between of course). I hope you enjoyed this little tour to my humble collection! Up next on the blog: room tour maybe? Let me finish konmari-ing first! Wish me luck!