Monday, December 25, 2017

International Lolita Day 2017 with PGLC at Karen's Kitchen


It's the time of the year again to say my usual - "I can't believe -insert current year- is almost over!" However, I can say 2017 was a year well-spent despite being so quick. I will be writing a separate blog on the highlights of my 2017 and I hope to finish it in time before new year. *gasp*

Last December 2 2017, Philippine Gothic and Lolita Community gathered for this year's International Lolita Day. There were lots of attendees this time unlike last year. I understand this month can be really busy so it's quiet a delight to spend the day with lots of my comm friends. This year, we held our meet at Karen's Kitchen Pasig branch. It's a cute restaurant featuring a cottage x country x vintage aesthetics. Perfect for country lolita and quiet fitting for the holidays too!

It was a lucky night because there were almost no other people around so we kinda raped the place for photos. lol The owner was so enthusiastic with the fashion too. Thank you Ms. Karen! I hope to feature them more in a separate restaurant review soon. 

The food is freshly made so I would suggest calling them up for pre-order so you don't have to wait. This pasta costed me around 200php and the serving is quiet big. I almost didn't finish it. lol

Which made me suffer a little with finishing this cake. It was good but I was so full.

Some of the girls provided music by playing around with the piano. Check out the cute vintage stereo!

. .

Mirror selfie! I wore the same dress from last year's ILD but styled it differently. You see, you don't have to own lots of dresses to have a wardrobe. You only have to be creative in wearing the pieces in many different ways.

exchange gifts!

And unto the group photos!

Team Kurisumasu sporting the color of the season - red! Mayi already went home huhu 

The winter squad! Because the cold never bother us anyway *bricked*

And whoever said Christmas can't be black. Lisa proves you wrong with her gothic yet festive ensemble! We have a newcomer too. Hi Kat!

And of course, ending this post with a full outfit shot and a coordinate rundown! Photo by Sanakanin

Dress - Secret Honey
Bolero, headdress and necklace - Handmade by me
Overskirt - BTSSB
Flower ornament, socks and shoes - Thrifted