Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Lolita Meet for Lolita Memoires Volume 2 Release

Last August 19 2017, The Philippine Gothic and Lolita Community gathered again for the release of our self-published lolita fashion photomag, Lolita Memoires. We are already on our volume two with a bigger number of pledges this time.

This year, we agreed to hold the meet-up at Le Petit Souffle at SM Megamall. It's my first time at the establishment and I got to try their matcha latte with ice cream. I didn't eat though for I was saving space for Hot Star chicken later that day hahaha! Sorry not sorry.

I sported a quick up-do hairstyle that day for I planned to just commute to the venue. Uber was under suspension that time and even getting a Grabcar was a bloodbath. Will definitely do it again in the future it was so free-ing!

The girls shared afternoon tea. I never really liked tea no matter how much I try. It's just not my cup of tea. Pun intended. lol

With citrus girl, Mayi.

I've been seeing this place a lot at Tricia's blog. This place is indeed charming.

As usual, we spent the afternoon signing each other's copies along with fun chit-chats and singing Despacito. hahaha

A collective of lolitas is always an eye-candy.

Our new friend, Val from Canada. She chanced upon us at our shoot in BGC two weeks before the meet and was kind enough to approach us and introduce herself. It was amazing it felt like we were in an elite global society and you'd know a sister is sister with just secret codes and stuff. When she said, "I love your coordinates!" COORDINATES! Only a seasoned lolita will use this term. It's indeed a magic word. So happy she was able to join us in this meet despite being in the country for work.

Coordinate rundown: 
JSK - Leur Getter | Boots - Bodyline | Everything else - offbrand

Of course, a PGLC meet is never complete without our sentai formation photo.

Ane here's some preview of the photomag. Cover art made by Sanakanin.

Dorotee Sweetlips article~

This is a yearly thing so I hope more lolitas will join us next year for the volume three. To get updates, like Lolita Memoires page in Facebook. Volume one and two are also available for purchase just pm the fb page to inquire. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

How Do You Get The Right Bathroom Tub Faucets? Few Essentials Tips Prior You Get Initiated

Procuring the right bathroom tub faucets for your requirements is not indeed simple. You want to scout at what will match the theme of your renovation and select a collection that'll work finest for you. The finish is vital, however so will the function and the style. You don't need an elegant tap that does not do the stuffs you need it to do, and you do not need a great functioning tap that looks ugly.

bathtub faucet

Procuring the whole package is vital and you want to scout into certain specific aspects to ensure you avail the faucets that are finest for your shower area. You might need to ponder a fancier shower unit with LED lights or with many shower modes or you might need to go with the one that's simple. Indeed, it all relies on your taste, and your theme, and here're tips to aid. 

Tips for getting Bathroom tub faucets and fixtures

bathroom rug
  • Consult an expert contractor
If you're not sure what kind of bathroom tub faucets fits finest with the sink you presently have or with one you think to utilize, and then consult an expert. It is essential to procure the right tap for your shower area, and there're several contractors that can aid you select the right one and fix it for you. Also, the Faucetsinhome is a good place where you can choose the bathroom stuffs.
  • Select a theme
soap dish

Prior you even begin looking at the distinct faucets for your shower area, select a theme. Due to that this is a very crucial aspect for the procedure and you can move with an art beautification theme, an antique or one of several others. Whether you select to beautify in a contemporary manner or in older looking theme, you need to ensure you know what theme you think to utilize prior your make any other determinations.