Monday, July 31, 2017

Beau Crescent | Cats and Berries

Cats and strawberries are two of the few themes I think I will never outgrow of when it comes to my cute fashion choices. They can be both cute and also classic at the same time, it just depends how you use them in your style. I think it also works best if you actually love cats and strawberries in real life. It's like a personal touch, one of the many reasons why I like lolita fashion and related kei styles in general - it's always about personality. Here's two toddler kawaii/lolita looks styled by me featuring my daughter, Beau Crescent.



Two-way dress from Labyrinth Garden | Beret from Dorotee Sweetlips | Cat bag and shoes from Light in the Box | 
Cat brooch from Spring Marionette

Strawberry dress from Dorotee Sweetlips | Strawberry beret from Lunatrinks | Cupcake bag and shoes from Light in the box

Many thanks to Light in the Box for always letting us showcase their products. Click the links to go to the item listing!

This is a sponsored post.