Friday, March 10, 2017

Dreamy Cafe - Unicorn themed cafe in the Philippines!

Last Wednesday, me and my squad went all the way to Malolos, Bulacan to support our friend, Beru, for the opening of her cafe. Dreamy Cafe is the first ever unicorn themed cafe in the Philippines. A concept made for fans of everything cute / kawaii by a kawaii girl herself! Congratulations, bb. You did it! We all know how hardworking you are and pulling this off is really inspiring.

Most of the pictures I took features my daughter, Beau. This place is truly a dream come true for both the young and the young-at-heart.

Shameless selfies otw. The place is really well lit with natural lighting. Definitely instagram darling!

At the moment, the cafe can only accommodate 4 groups since it's only a micro cafe. It is best to book reservations via their fb page.

Hope you're not tired of my face yet ehehehe. The lighting is just so good I cannot pass it up!


There is also a kawaii shop at the second floor with lots of kawaii items. They are looking for consignors by the way just message their fb page for details.

Forgot to take photos but the second floor also carries unicorn kigurumis you can rent during your visit for photo ops. Watch my short video here.

It's really comfy I could really fall asleep here. We arrived pretty early and the cafe wasn't even open yet but perks of being friends with the owner we were able to photo-rape the place before people started coming in. lol

I wasn't able to try their pastel waffles though but it's really cute and instagrammable along with their milkshakes in cute bulb beverage glasses.

Despite being located all the way to the north, it's actually pretty accessible. Only one ride from Cubao Baliwag bus terminal with a travel time of around an hour. It was even quicker than travelling in Edsa. :))

I'm sure Dreamy Cafe will have more improvements in the coming months after the soft opening so I'm excited for our second trip already! For more details, just check the fb page I mentioned earlier. Kawaii power!