Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sophisticated and cute fashion by StyleWe

One would think sophisticated and kawaii are two different concepts. Yes they are! But it doesn't mean both cannot be achieved simultaneously when it comes to fashion. As a girl in her late 20s, I have come to realize that fashion tastes really change with age. I always thought I would never get tired of super pink and child-like dresses. I still do like them but I wouldn't style it in a way I styled myself when I was 19. I still like pink but I also came to appreciate it's 'grown-up' shades like old rose and peach pink. Yes, sophisti-cute is a thing! And StyleWe has a good selection of otona kawaii style sweet 16 dresses. But I am thrilled to share they also carry a few lolita fashion pieces from indie designer, Neo-Ludwig so I'm sharing my favorites below along with a few of my fave casual sophisti-cute ones from one of the rtw brands I am familiar with as well, Dubawawa.

I'm very particular with Neo-Ludwig's unique take on lolita fashion. If you are a fan of witchcraft and sorcery or at least it's aesthetics, I think this brand is for you.


Sleeveless Graphic Vintage Printed JSK/OP Midi Dress with Petticoat

White Silk-chiffon Gothic Retro Goddess Three PCS Midi Dress

Burgundy Vintage Solid Binding Suede Hoodie Cape

I discovered Dubawawa brand on one of my thrift shopping routine for Labyrinth Garden. I have come to fall in love with their vintage styles. They are usually very specific with the extra frills and the signature A-line shape that the lolita in me cannot ignore. So pretty!

Black Plain Balloon Sleeve Ruffled Paneled Midi Dress

White A-line Mesh Sweet Mini Dress

You may visit StyleWe's blog for more fashion tips and don't forget to like their facebook page.

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