Saturday, December 3, 2016

Philippine Gothic and Lolita Community - Winter International Lolita Day 2016 tea party



And just like that. 2016 is almost over! Winter ILD just passed in our part of the world and I'm happy we got to have a small get together since we weren't able to arrange one last June ILD. We had late lunch and tea party at Salon de The, had lolita-specific chit-chat : burando, the struggles of online lolita shopping, wardrobe malfunction experiences, coping with unwanted attention etc., and an exchange gift! It's been a while since I participated in an exchange gift wow I felt like a child again. The thrill of opening gifts, huhu. Special thanks to Camille for preparing a Christmas gift for me too. ;A;

I brought my partner and Beau with me. I dressed Beau up with her Shirley Temple dress that finally fits her after a year of being too big. A community member also joined us for the first time. And finally, got to wear my winter Disney princesses dress that fits the theme : winter and Christmas. It definitely needs a proper shoot though. Maybe for Christmas eve?