Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Philippine Gothic and Lolita Community's 7th anniversary gathering

Sharing with you the photos I took last October 30 2016 a lolita philippines, pglc,  t our comm's anniversary meet, a subevent of Midnight Run - Halloween Party! I was kinda a headless chicken that day - running a booth, doing admin duties for the meet-up a.k.a exhausting all the socializing skills that I barely have (I've been doing this for years but it's always hardwork being the introverted person that I am lol), and guest judge duties for the Fashion Monster Jfashion contest. I was able to take decent outfit photos of some girls but sadly I missed the others (huhuhu sorry I wasn't able to catch everyone). Will do my best to host another grand meet for December's International Lolita Day but I think I need a core team to work with this time around.