Friday, November 25, 2016

Kawaii acquisitions from Sammydress

Finally, I was able to pick up the sponsored goods from my blog sponsor, Sammydress, at the post office along with our ordered supplies for the shops. Thanks to the husbando for picking up a total of 8 parcels, omg! :)) I'm celebrating because just last month it was implemented that parcels worth 10k below are now tax-free! I hope international shipping rates would come next for shipping from the PH is ridiculously expensive. A significant adjustment on rates would really be helpful with small-time businesses who would like to export their goods.

Going back, here's a sort of un-boxing blog of my loot from Sammydress (it came in a pouch though so unpouching? lol) Will further feature and review these items on my next style / lifestyle posts.

Yay! I like everything for they will be really useful. :)

Totoro wall decal. We will be moving houses soon so I won't stick this up until then. I think it would be nice on a car too.

So girly~ ehehe

Woven strawberry bag. Really nice and surprisingly spacious! I will have Beau sport this on a kawaii toddler style post soon. I hope she would cooperate with me in a timely and not so exhausting manner though. hahaha! /thestruggleofshootingatoddler

Pink brush set! I don't know where each brush is used for but I am meaning to be skilled on applying decent make-up on other people for my styling services. This would be a good starter kit. :)

Chibiusa inspired wallet! Still super clingy with my current piano wallet so idk maybe use both? :))

Nerdy cat watch. Finally a cute watch I can actually use because I am a person who uses the phone for time and I always leave my phone until the battery is all drained out. :))

Beads headband(?) This is actually a hair chandelier thingy. It would be useful for my lolita coords. :)

Two sets of natural looking lashes. Yaas, something I can wear everyday without looking too "all-out"

Unboxing this felt like Christmas! Thanks Sammydress for choosing to sponsor my blog. Really happy with the products. Excited to create interesting contents using these. xoxo

This is a sponsored post.