Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Four Looks: Chic moonlight senshi + himekaji feat. Labyrinth Garden and Zaful selections

Finally, a style post after so long! I've been meaning to work on this post since last month but ~life happens~ huhuhu. Still trying to recover from all the damages from my cat's passing. Can't believe that half November has already passed. Double time is my current motto.

Today, I made four looks out of selected items from Labyrinth Garden's on hand items. Yes, these are available for purchase at the shop page! Be reminded that the shop only carries one stock of each so go grab your pick while it's still available. Along with the looks are also items from one of my sponsors, Zaful. Proper links are provided after each photo.

First two looks are inspired by our ever favorite moonlight senshi, Sailormoon!

Next and last two looks are reminiscent of himekaji style: bohemian and preppy chic!