Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dorotee Sweetlips Lolita fashion open shoot for Team Gantz fundraising

November is a tough month for me. I lost my furfriend so quickly.. so suddenly. My cat, Gantz, has been diagnosed of UTI and has obstruction of the urethra and I lost him in just a matter of 3 days. The vet bills were insane so I head started a fundraising campaign called "Team Gantz" for his medical support but since he had to go so quickly, I decided to still push through with the projects for a lot of people have already marked their scheds for Gantz. One of the said fundraising activities is the Dorotee Sweetlips Lolita fashion open shoot which took place last Sunday. Wardrobe, styling, and photography by yours truly (woooo one man team you say! lol) I'm not really a pro photographer but I hope you like my shots. 

Thank you so much to Loving Rainbow Garden for sponsoring the venue (The company owners are animal lovers too, by the way. The events place is actually a home for a couple of puspins and aspins so if you need a party/events venue by the QC area, do consider booking them.) Here is Pang-ya, furbaby of one of the owners and shoot participant, Trina! Quick outfit change + snaps because the cats were so stressed out already lol.

Choco, another Loving Rainbow Garden baby.

Choco with Grace!

Thank you to Costaku shop for sponsoring the wigs to complete the ensembles, and to the photoshoot participants Trina, Jerlyn, Bunny, Mira and Grace. Thank you so much for spending your time and resources for the cause. Proceeds from this shoot were spent to buy cat food and was donated to MBY pet rescue and sanctuary (updates to follow). The shelter is currently fostering about 400 cats and 200 dogs.. That's a lot, yes! Do consider visiting them if you'd like to donate resources or maybe adopt a cat or a dog!

If you'd like to further participate to Team Gantz fundraising, Tea Pawty is carrying kawaii stickers donated by our artist friends - Ayumi and Ger. We still haven't posted them online but they will be available at Tea Pawty booths until supplies last. Proceeds from this will be donated to buy cat food for stray feeding walks.