Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Beau Crescent | Strawberry Bunny

Finally, was able to work on another kawaii toddler style post with Beau featuring some of her soon-to-be outgrown clothes and items from our sponsors. Haha, I was actually on a semi-panic-mode realizing she's outgrowing some of her cute clothes that she haven't even had a chance to wear. Quick solution? Take pictures so they can freely go on her closet sale list. I'm glad I was able to do this today because this has been pushed back a lot due to idk if laziness or eternal exhaustion or both? The struggle is real! I don't know how other mommy bloggers/influencers do it consistently.

The shoot was quick.. 15 minutes? Beau's attention span is like of a dog. lol. She's not really interested posing for the camera but I think playing dress-up and taking pictures is good for toddlers to encourage creativity and boost their confidence. It would also be nice to look back on cute photos someday. 

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Outfit rundown:
Summer Yukata - Labyrinth Garden | Paisley print dress - gifted | Red doll shoes c/o Light in the Box | Strawberry bag c/o Sammydress

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Cat Care Philippines' Nightmeow bepurr Christmas mini bazaar

Another of Cat Care Philippines' fundraising bazaar took place last Sunday at The Open Space, Makati. Finally, Tea Pawty was able to join. The bazaar is arranged to raise funds for Mandaluyong Animal Shelter and sort of a get-together for the Cat Care Philippines' members and cat lovers in general. Cat Care Philippines is a group based in facebook so if you are a cat parent or is looking to be one soon, feel free to join the group. I warn you though, this group is different among the others. It doesn't support buying, selling and, breeding of cats regardless of the breed. It's aim is to promote adopting or rescuing of puspins (pusang pinoy or local domestic short hair) because let's admit there are lots of stray cats out there who needs a home and every time you buy from a breeder, you are depriving a stray of a home. So #adoptdontshop and #spayneuter.

It's my first time to attend a cat-specific event. I was hoping to bring Gantz here though buy yeah.. I
miss him terribly.

I wasn't able to catch each booth's shop's name but if you are interested. Hop in to CCPH's crafts and arts society facebook page.

It was an intimate but definitely productive event. It's nice to be amongst people who share the same genuine care towards cats and animals in general. I have to make an emphasis on that because I grew up in a family who think of my rescues as pests but it's different when it comes to breed ones. I had to tolerate sudden disappearance of my cats growing up and it kind of left me with an impression that I was different and not normal. I've been alone with my beliefs and values for a long time. So I'm really happy to be part of this group where I can be with like-minded people when it comes to cat care and/or animal care. I realized that I'm not 'not normal' just extraordinary, maybe.

So many handmade items! Handmade is the best because it's infused with love.

Tea Pawty booth!

A costume contest for the cats also took place in the afternoon. Wasn't able to take pictures of all of them because apparently you have to battle your way in among a group of people taking pictures of a cat in a costume and we were managing a booth. hahaha the struggle is real. I was able to take quick snaps of a few of them though.

Maruuuuu. OMG I've been following him in instagram for a long time already. I fangirled for a minute there, hahaha! He is my instagram celebrity goals for Gantz because the resemblance is really strong. huhuhuh miss you Gantz.


Thank you Petropolitan for the giveaway cat eats!

Aftermath selfie with the partner, Razel. lol you know you had a good time when you forgot to take selfies/photos with friends/ haggard.jpeg

Please don't forget to follow CCPH arts and crafts society for future events!