Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mini lolita community meet and photoshoot Loving Rainbow Garden: Cosplay Festival

Sharing the photos from the mini meet I hosted at the Loving Rainbow Garden Cosplay Festival last weekend.

PLUG! Philippine Gothic and Lolita Community will be having a grand meet for our 7th anniversary next month c/o Loving Rainbow Garden. I'm calling all lolitas, closet lolitas, aspiring lolitas etc to come and join the frilly party! Join our fb group if you haven't yet.

Enjoy the photos!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Woodland Witches" A Dorotee Sweetlips upcycled series collection

First off, I would like to thank Kim of Loving Rainbow Garden: Cosplay Festival for inviting me to show my works! So happy to be able to check this out of my dream collection-to-make list.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Baguio 2016 with family and Ger

Just a quick documentation of my birthday adventure for this year. Went to Baguio again  with family and this time, one of my bestfriends, Ger, tagged along! Was able to score lots of ukay (thrift finds) for our j-fashion resale shop, Labyrinth Garden. It was raining nonstop and was really cold (my phone says 14 degrees, yikes! I'm already freezing at 17 so how about that lol) The experience was gold though since we don't have fogs and winter-ish weather in Manila but I wish we were equipped with proper clothing hahaha. Nagkulang layering ko! :))