Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lolita Meet - Through the Looking Glass viewing and tea party

"I didn't choose the lolita life, lolita life chose me"

How funny because it's sooo true! At least for me I think it does. lol! Being the founder and admin of the local community, I find it part of my obligation to somehow keep the community active by arranging social activities like this. 6 years since the birth of the forum, folks came and go and moved on with the fashion.. some were still dedicated with the lifestyle.. new generation of lolitas are also coming along. I'm pretty curious how long can I keep going with the subculture. /imagines myself as lolita obaa-chan/

After almost half a month since the last meet, me and a few of the comm girls went out to go to the movies to watch Tim Burton's Alice: Through the Looking Glass. The story was okay... but oh dear we ahh and ohh-ed with the production design. Lolitas live for the whimsy things, you know! After the show we went straight to The French Baker Salon de The to complete the day because a lolita must live the lolita ways! Tea party time wooo~

It's all about the interior! How to trap a lolita 101.

And food + tea for the reincarnated rococo souls.

This swan puff is so KAWAII omg!

Huehuehue.. me and Ger just felt like eating so yep, Taco pizza~

Ohohoho the bestie pouring me some tea. I don't really drink tea. I don't like the taste, huhu! But surprisingly, I somehow managed to sip the cup of tea from this place. It was light and not too concentrated so my tastebuds were fine with it!

Strawberry Shortcake because /Cardcaptor Sakura/ vibes! :)) It was yummy and affordable too for 125php per slice! Mary Grace's go for like 190php as far as I can remember and you only get the cake. French Baker is lolita goals because hello you pretty whipped cream on the side! nomnomnom..

Me trying to channel a Misako pose lol :))

Perfect mo ang Misako smile, Ger! Hahahahaha.

Quick group photo before going home. Look at the time, it's 8:30pm!

Ger's kawaii casual look~

I went with my otona-loli look. If you are not familiar with otona kawaii, here are a couple of blog posts you can read for a brief explanation (1,2).

Top: Coco Deal | Accessories: Dorotee Sweetlips | Everything else: Labyrinth Garden