Thursday, June 23, 2016

"Cerulean Calm"

Realization: I kind of know now why my blogging has gone downhill. I can't keep up with the requirement of perfectly curating every posts. It was easier way back.. the advantages of being young, carefree and emphasis on ~living with the parents~. Life was easier so it was easier to make time for less important stuff. And by important, my life lately is mostly consumed on playing offense with financials and building assets for our family + mommy duties and doing so would need rolled sleeves and swept back hair. I'm embracing what I need to be right now though so I'm not complaining.

Last week, me and the family spent a staycation in a condo accommodation from a listing I found in AirBnb. Chic interior, yass! Perfect for a quick photoshoot because I've been meaning to shoot these dresses for a long time already. I was thinking of a forest-y location but the thought of Manila's sweltering heat kept me setting this project aside. Finally I found a pretty nice place to do this: privacy + aircon = yass pleasee! hahaha. 

Hope you enjoy the photos!