Monday, May 16, 2016

How to Wash Peruvian Unprocessed Virgin Hair on Head?

If you have unprocessed virgin hair on your head via a sewn-in or otherwise attached weave, then you may be wondering the proper steps for washing your Peruvian virgin hair and your natural hair while the weave is still attached. The following is a step-by-step guide to washing your Peruvian virgin hair while it’s on your head.

Step One: Wet your hair with warm (not hot) water. First, wet your hair with warm water. The water should be comfortable and not hot.

Step Two: Very gently massage the weave-specific shampoo into your scalp and hair. Its important that you use a shampoo specifically designed to be used with your weave, because treating Peruvian virgin hair or unprocessed virgin hair with standard shampoo may result in too much tangling or even shedding while you wash it. You should be careful to only gently massage it into your scalp and hair, being careful not to rub or tug.

Step Three: Gently rinse, being careful not to pull or scrub. Then, gently rinse the shampoo from your hair and scalp while taking care not to pull at your hair or scrub hard.

Step Four: Apply conditioner to your weave, wait, then gently rinse. A conditioner is an important part of keeping your weave looking healthy and keeping it long-lasting. You should gently apply conditioner for your weave, wait the prescribed amount of time (usually 15-30 minutes) then gently rinse it off.

Step Five: Apply conditioner to your scalp using a q-tip or scalp applicator. You must never ignore the scalp beneath your weave during washing, because this can cause your scalp to become dry or irritated. You should buy moisturizing conditioner to the scalp underneath your weave using a q-top or a weave scalp applicator.

Step Six: Apply a shampoo/water mixture to your real hair using an applicator bottle and rinse. Another thing you shouldn’t ignore is your real hair underneath your weave. It’s important to take care of your real hair to keep it healthy and to help prevent damage underneath the weave. The best way to wash your natural hair while wearing something like a Peruvian virgin hair weave is to create a shampoo/water mixture in a cup, then use a special applicator bottle to apply it to your real hair underneath. Then gently rinse it out, again using the applicator bottle.

Step Seven: Dry your hair with a blow-dryer or let it air dry. Next it’s time to dry your hair. You can either let it gently blow dry, or use a blow-dryer for faster results. If you do use a blow dryer, be sure to apply a heat protective beforehand to help reduce the amount of damage that the blow-dryer does to your unprocessed virgin hair weave.

Step Eight: Apply a leave-in moisturizer serum. Finally, apply a leave-in moisturizer or leave-in serum to your Peruvian virgin hair. This will help prevent it from drying out and becoming dingy and damaged.

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How to choose right hair extensions for you

With the different extensions options, it's really a little overwhelming for any bride to select which extensions works perfect for her, on her behalf big day. When selecting hair extensions for your wedding event, you have to have a couple of things into account.

You have to first consider the colour of your hair and made the decision if that's the color you will need to dress in your wedding event. When you decide this, you are able to go on and get your extensions. It's simpler to modify your hair colour, then it might be to colour the extensions. I do not recommend colouring the extensions because it is very untidy and also the colour might not turn view you intended. Getting an expert colour your extensions might be a choice, however it could possibly get very pricey. You might want to choose extensions that suit your hair exactly or, you might give a highlighted effect. I'd strive for a maximum of 2 shades lighter than your present hair colour. An excessive amount of contrast look cheap and never appealing in photo's. 2 shades lighter provides you with a pleasant contrast and showcase your bridal hair do very nicely. Additionally, it show's perfectly in photographs.

You will need to determine if volume is that you'll want, or maybe length is required. Maybe both volume and length is one thing you would like. Purchase only 100% real human hair extensions. This is extremely answer to getting hair which will feel and look natural and serve you for a while for you personally. Additionally, you will have the ability to style your extensions and employ hot elements like a styling curler and hair straightener. Selecting synthetic hair isn't a wise decision. It simply does not look natural and won't endure using hot elements and may really burn your hair.

When selecting the right period of extensions, you will need to take these 4 elements into consideration. Make sure to review your body size and type. If you're a petite person, extensions which are to lengthy could be over powering for the frame. Remember, you need to be the middle of attention, not hair. Your hairstylist can let you know which length works together with your overall bridal look featuring best. Choosing the best balance when utilizing extensions will supplment your bridal look and compliment everything well. Locating a bridal Hair Specialist which has knowledge about extensions will require the speculation from it for you personally.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Review // Sugoi eyes and Crystal lens review for GWYSHOP

Last week, I ordered a pair of graded Crystal lenses from one of the most trusted contact lens shop I know, GWYSHOP. Ate Dona, the owner, was kind enough to sponsor me another pair of lenses from their very own brand of EOS lenses "Sugoi Eyes" to review and share with you guys.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Shopback - shop and earn!

Hi guys! It's been a while ( but today I'd like to share with you a great site where you can earn while shopping! Yes, you've heard it right! Shopback is a cashback site where you get rebates you can use later for more shopping or simply withdraw them from your Paypal account.

Shopback features a handful of listed merchants to choose from. From beauty, gadgets, fashion, food and dining, and travel, they got it all. Aside from the rebates you will get when you shop via Shopback, you also get to be the first to grab deals and discounts from the partner merchants. That's a lot of savings! For now, I tried window shopping at Sephora and for possible deals I can grab later. Let me show you how it works.

I chose which redirects me to the actual site. You must click the link from Shopback site so that you'll get the cashback. When you do, you'll see this loading page which informs you that you'll get the rebate within a specified number of days.

They offer lots of deals from local to international! OMG Do I see Tokyo? I like lurking at deal sites from time to time for hotel and travel deals and I don't usually see Tokyo on the listings. I checked the last minute listings and you can get a room for two pax with one child for as low as 2000PHP. OMG jotting down renewal of passport to my to-do list now. Haha. So glad I discovered this site! The deals here are already discounted and you still get more savings since Shopback will rebate 6% from the total. Win-win since you get to reward yourself while being nice to your wallet at the same time which is pretty hard to achieve nowadays, haha

Now on Sephora. You pretty much go through the same process. I'm not a fan of make up but would be interested with skin care so I went ahead and checked what they have in store.

They have lots of products to choose from so I suggest you go over their website through Shopback page to see and review them for yourself. There's more! Aside from the savings you get from the deals and cashback, you can also earn credit points and gift certificates when you refer a friend to sign up an account! Your friend, in return, would also earn credit points. Ready to sign up an account now? Use my CODE so we can share points!