Monday, February 29, 2016

Lolita Memoires photomag release and post valentines tea party

Last Saturday was the release of the local lolita community's self-published photomag and we gathered to celebrate the milestone of our community with a tea party hosted by Dorotee Sweetlips.

It's been a while since I last hosted a meet. I've actually promised the group to organize one last year but I was really so busy that I can't put my head into it so I'm really glad I was able to arrange one this year. All thanks to Bunny Baker for always welcoming the kawaii community. Booking a table reservation for a lolita meet was never been this smooth with other restaurants. You know, they were like.."what lolita meet?" "I'm not sure if we can allow you" etc. etc. Bunny Baker is truly a blessing! I can still remember how I discovered them a couple of years ago at a food bazaar. The booth was so cute! I was one of the first to yay with joy when I saw they opened their first branch. I knew in my heart that the cute theme has more into it. Do you know the owner is actually a fan of kawaii? This is why Bunny Baker really feels like home.

Pretty art nouveau print on Lisa's skirt!

With Ger, my kodona accessory. loljk!

Eiri and Jo :D

Kristina, San, and Mhayi!

Derp photos are the best!

Blurry derpy photos are the best! hahahaha

Kristina's ever so detailed style. Featuring Toxic Kitty's products!

Ger in Labyrinth Garden finds and shoes from Swan Kiss

Yours truly in Labyrinth Garden finds, skirt from Angelic Pretty and Dorotee Sweetlips accessories

Mayu in Baby the Stars shine bright

San in Liz Lisa, Bodyline, and vintage pieces

Kristina in Bodyline and Toxic Kitty accessories

Mhayi in Baby the stars the bright

Lisa in Souffle Song and a handmade madonna crown

Eiri in Alice and the Pirates

Jo in Disney x H.NAOTO and Kumakumya purse!

Petticoat party photo!

And to the photobook! Thank you so much to Den and Ayu who made this possible! Great job, guys!

Dorotee Sweetlips article :3


Had fun! Will definitely arrange another meet soon. Shame I don't have a copy of the group photo yet from the meet but once I do, I'll share them at Dorotee Sweetlips fb page. Hope to meet more frilly butts next time. Kisses!