Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sophisticated and cute fashion by StyleWe

One would think sophisticated and kawaii are two different concepts. Yes they are! But it doesn't mean both cannot be achieved simultaneously when it comes to fashion. As a girl in her late 20s, I have come to realize that fashion tastes really change with age. I always thought I would never get tired of super pink and child-like dresses. I still do like them but I wouldn't style it in a way I styled myself when I was 19. I still like pink but I also came to appreciate it's 'grown-up' shades like old rose and peach pink. Yes, sophisti-cute is a thing! And StyleWe has a good selection of otona kawaii style sweet 16 dresses. But I am thrilled to share they also carry a few lolita fashion pieces from indie designer, Neo-Ludwig so I'm sharing my favorites below along with a few of my fave casual sophisti-cute ones from one of the rtw brands I am familiar with as well, Dubawawa.

I'm very particular with Neo-Ludwig's unique take on lolita fashion. If you are a fan of witchcraft and sorcery or at least it's aesthetics, I think this brand is for you.


Sleeveless Graphic Vintage Printed JSK/OP Midi Dress with Petticoat

White Silk-chiffon Gothic Retro Goddess Three PCS Midi Dress

Burgundy Vintage Solid Binding Suede Hoodie Cape

I discovered Dubawawa brand on one of my thrift shopping routine for Labyrinth Garden. I have come to fall in love with their vintage styles. They are usually very specific with the extra frills and the signature A-line shape that the lolita in me cannot ignore. So pretty!

Black Plain Balloon Sleeve Ruffled Paneled Midi Dress

White A-line Mesh Sweet Mini Dress

You may visit StyleWe's blog for more fashion tips and don't forget to like their facebook page.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

A crazy cat lady's wishlist from Rosewholesale

Anything adorned with cat themed design can really trigger the cute-attack feels or 'gigil' in Filipino. This is tried and tested according to my experience as an online seller and event exhibitor. Even those who don't like cats in real life find cat aesthetics really cute what more for cat loving people like myself? Sharing with you my crazy cat lady wishlist from Rosewholesale kitty selections!

Cute cat ring. Idea: have your furfriend's name engraved on the inside. They always outlive us and this way you'll remember your friend forever

Jiji plush pillow. Who doesn't love anything Ghibli?

Musical cat bag. Musical theme with a cat = a lolita's weakness.



I love that they're all monochromatic in colors. There is really a certain charm with black cats, right? I seriously want them all! So cute~

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Philippine Gothic and Lolita Community - Winter International Lolita Day 2016 tea party

And just like that. 2016 is almost over! Winter ILD just passed in our part of the world and I'm happy we got to have a small get together since we weren't able to arrange one last June ILD. We had late lunch and tea party at Salon de The, had lolita-specific chit-chat : burando, the struggles of online lolita shopping, wardrobe malfunction experiences, coping with unwanted attention etc., and an exchange gift! It's been a while since I participated in an exchange gift wow I felt like a child again. The thrill of opening gifts, huhu. Special thanks to Camille for preparing a Christmas gift for me too. ;A;

I brought my partner and Beau with me. I dressed Beau up with her Shirley Temple dress that finally fits her after a year of being too big. A community member also joined us for the first time. And finally, got to wear my winter Disney princesses dress that fits the theme : winter and Christmas. It definitely needs a proper shoot though. Maybe for Christmas eve?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Top 4 kawaii bags wishlist from

I really think bags can be an essential styling focal point. In lolita fashion, we always aim to match everything with the outfit's theme so owning bags that is as interesting as your outfit is a must. Featuring my top four kawaii bags wishlist from It's already December in my part of the world as of posting and these can be great gift ideas.

Accordion handbag for your circus themed outfit.

Mushroom bag for your whimsy Alice themed outfit.

Violin bags for your musical themed outfit.

And lastly, this cute simple backpack for your daily kawaii style fix. It also comes in different colors.

So cute right? What's your favorite?

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Beau Crescent | Strawberry Bunny

Finally, was able to work on another kawaii toddler style post with Beau featuring some of her soon-to-be outgrown clothes and items from our sponsors. Haha, I was actually on a semi-panic-mode realizing she's outgrowing some of her cute clothes that she haven't even had a chance to wear. Quick solution? Take pictures so they can freely go on her closet sale list. I'm glad I was able to do this today because this has been pushed back a lot due to idk if laziness or eternal exhaustion or both? The struggle is real! I don't know how other mommy bloggers/influencers do it consistently.

The shoot was quick.. 15 minutes? Beau's attention span is like of a dog. lol. She's not really interested posing for the camera but I think playing dress-up and taking pictures is good for toddlers to encourage creativity and boost their confidence. It would also be nice to look back on cute photos someday. 

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Outfit rundown:
Summer Yukata - Labyrinth Garden | Paisley print dress - gifted | Red doll shoes c/o Light in the Box | Strawberry bag c/o Sammydress