Sunday, February 1, 2015

Long due: Photodiary | Cosmania + Rainbowholic meet-up + Slim's exhibit + Miwaku

Long due post! Been sitting on my drafts since November. huhu.


Wow, I just realized October has been a productive and social month for me after sorting these photos. These photos shows my whereabouts during the month. Let's start off with Cosmania where I went to join my friend, Jennica Garcia, on her first cosplay convention. It was not a pleasant experience for her though as she chanced upon some rude cosplayer tsk.. but anything anywhere is always better with friends.

We consigned some Labyrinth Garden pieces at my friend's booth. Mori Kei, anyone?

Handmade love by Toxic Kitty!

<3 <3

Went to Rainbowholic meet-up to support Kaila and to hear her success story.

Went to see the works of my friends at my home fashion school, Slim's.

So proud of my kawaii baby's work. A gothic lolita inspired piece by Gerr Capuz. It features our very own Manila Cathedral in print.

KPP vibes anyone? Super cute and original piece by Justin Wayne Nalangan

Had dinner with them at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery because "kawaii life" heheh

Was invited to speak for TNK's Japanese Fashion seminar focusing in Lolita Fashion. Mmm, I think I'm getting used to it already. I don't feel nervous anymore and kind of embraced my funny/awkward way of interacting with my audience.. heheh. Sorry for having to deal with my potato and derp moments my TNK friends. ^_^; But I'm happy to know you learned a lot!