Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fresh start

Hi again from this half-dead blog. Let's try again shall we?

This is the view of my good old work shop at my parent's house which I will now use as a semi-permanent walk-in closet. "Semi" because I still intend to move to a new home I can call "my own". I already got rid of the majority of my old lolita clothes mostly because I've grown out of them style-wise. (Thank you to everyone who helped me rehome my clothes! I hope you enjoy them!) I used to wear a lot of sweet lolita with lots of youthful and child-like motifs. Those were the fun times, indeed! Nowadays, my tastes leans more on classic and vintage look. I'm excited to translate them into actual outfits and this time, I will be doing it with my baby girl!

I got a personal invitation from EnjoyJapanPH's owner and organizer to attend their event this coming Saturday (I got free passes btw! Kindly like and share the page, share the cover photo and message me in my personal facebook when you did and I'll guide you to acquiring a free pass.) so I went to plan my first lolita coordinate this year. Goal is to wear them again in every day basis because why not? 

Still not sure if I will wear it with the apron-like lace thingy which is actually a lace poncho-style cover up or not. Help me decide please, what do you think?

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