Saturday, June 7, 2014

Purupuru marude akairo no jelly

Tsumori Chisato kimono | Labyrinth Garden inner tunic and boots | Dorotee Sweetlips twin bows | Hype this look in Lookbook!

Finally got my 6-year old Nikon D40 fixed. I know I should be letting it retire and reinvest on a new one but really, it's easier said than done. Plus, I have bigger priorities now when it comes to spending so new gadgets is really off of my list right now. hue

I'm currently having a LSS (last song syndrome) from the track we used for yesterday's fashion show hence the title of this post. (Hi, fellow Kyary fans!) I'm really enjoying this Tsumori Chisato kimono dress - it's my first time wearing it even though i had it in my closet for over a year now. Can you believe I scored this at a local thrift shop for only 15php? I know, right? :))