Monday, June 23, 2014

People: Kristina Abaya

Kristina Abaya spotted last Toycon 2014

One of the pioneers of the local lolita community, her dedication to the lifestyle is truly genuine. Kristina - one of the few free spirits who brave the streets of Manila in her full lolita outfits. She's one of the very few people I know who treats lolita more than just a fashion style but also a way of life. 

I forgot to ask for an outfit breakdown though. Huhu. But I hope you enjoy her old school lolita look.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Photodiary: June 2014 1/2

First half of June 2014 have been very interesting. Here's a photo collection summarizing my whereabouts during the past couple of weeks.

Dorotee Sweetlips fashion show at Animetics. Yay for a super nice dressing room. Too bad my fashion show crew wasn't complete that day but nevertheless it was fun all the same. Something super funny happened and I will never forget! Haha. Happy memories~ Love you guys!

Shot a couple of looks: a preview of one of my pieces from the fashion show and a personal style outfit post. My hair is long again, yay! Now I should find ways to add more volume to it.

Work, work, work! If you've been following my fb feed, you must have chanced upon the wedding gown I'm currently working on. It's my first time making one and doing really great! My dressmaking sensei from fashion school would be very proud as I've been applying everything I've learned. I wish I can find the right moment to go back and complete my course for closure purposes, haha. I stopped going midway the course because it's been repetitive and it bored me. OTL

Finally, a bath for Kisses after two months. lol.

Anniversary + cupcakes = <3

Moar work! Catching up on commissions.

Beau Crescent's 2nd month milestone. She looks directly on people and objects now that her sight had developed. She smiles a lot and makes cute baby noises too when I talk to her. Truly a little bundle of joy. <3

And mooooar work. Geee. I'm such a workaholic. :))

Anddd, some snaps of a family of cats we're fostering(?) sorta.. We didn't adopt them for they're scared when approached but they always come at our apartment and we feed them. Last night, while our door is wide open to let some fresh air in, the mother cat actually peeked her head to look for us. Haha. Such wonderful creatures. :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Dorotee Sweetlips Upcycled Series // Ivory Day Dream

Kinda late as promised but here are the detail shots of Ivory Day Dream piece for the Dorotee Sweetlips Upycycled Series project.

The cut is a cute A-line shape perfect for a cross-over of cult party and lolita. It can also be styled into mori kei if worn without a petticoat.

Material is a nice cream cotton adorned with embroidered tulle lace.

The highlight: the detachable sleeves. Dress down by skipping the sleeves for a more casual look.

Simple twin bows as a matching accessory since the sleeves acts as an accessory too. Very cute when worn with twintails!

Friday, June 13, 2014

9 years of friendship

Yesterday marks our 9th year together. I think for a relationship to work, two people shouldn't be just lovers but also bestfriends. We're not married, but I'm proud to say I understand life-partnership more than most married couples. Life partnership is not about cheesy things, really. But you know you're good when you don't have to shut out your flaws to please the other. You know you're good when you can be your most evil self and not having to worry of being judged.

No big plans for the day. Went spontaneous by having some yummy cupcakes at Vanilla and admiring the interiors for the nth time. Little Beau Crescent enjoyed the bright colors. :)

Glorietta 5 branch rearranged their furnitures. I specifically love this little corner. I might come back with a friend or two to shoot here.

Got odd stares for my look just like the old days. The rainy season is finally here and it's time to dress up again. This year's summer makes me want to just walk around the house naked all day. lol. Cuddling feels cozy again too, finally. :))

Outfit rundown:
Labyrinth Garden dress and boots | Dorotee Sweetlips bow and waist bow | Toxic Kitty necklace

Spotted some kawaii things at Claire's Glorietta 5.

These glasses have a KPP-ish vibe in them, don't they? So cute!

Decided to dine at Cabalen. Some nice interior yes, but the food was a bad decision. lol

Despite the 'meh' food. I managed to sneak some photography levelz on them. Hehe. So happy to be reunited with my D40! I wish I can get her a good prime lens for more awesomeness. I know I should so I can capture more beautiful memories with the coming of my daughter. So excited~

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dorotee Sweetlips Upcycled Series Preview // Ivory Day Dream

Lookbook shots for Ivory Day Dream ensemble. It's one of the dresses from the 4-piece collection I made for the Dorotee Sweetlips Upcycled Series project for this month and was first showcased at Animetics fashion show yesterday. A separate post will be posted tomorrow featuring the dress itself along with detail shots + description and will be on sale at the fb page. If you can't wait and would like the first dibs, don't hesitate to pm me at Dorotee Sweetlips' page.

/edit - Ivory Day Dream is SOLD! Thank you. Will still post detail shots tomorrow for archive purposes. Yay!

Purupuru marude akairo no jelly

Tsumori Chisato kimono | Labyrinth Garden inner tunic and boots | Dorotee Sweetlips twin bows | Hype this look in Lookbook!

Finally got my 6-year old Nikon D40 fixed. I know I should be letting it retire and reinvest on a new one but really, it's easier said than done. Plus, I have bigger priorities now when it comes to spending so new gadgets is really off of my list right now. hue

I'm currently having a LSS (last song syndrome) from the track we used for yesterday's fashion show hence the title of this post. (Hi, fellow Kyary fans!) I'm really enjoying this Tsumori Chisato kimono dress - it's my first time wearing it even though i had it in my closet for over a year now. Can you believe I scored this at a local thrift shop for only 15php? I know, right? :))

Monday, June 2, 2014

Princess coffee latte

Labyrinth Garden dress | Dorotee Sweetlips choker and flower hairclip | Landmark socks | Local market shoes | Hype this look in lookbook.

And a wild outfit post appeared. lol

Finally back to my normal shape! Well, I still have a little baby flab behind the flowy dress though. haha. I have no intention to show off my tummy anyway as of the moment so I guess it's okay. I was supposed to shoot 3 looks earlier today but the heat sucks. Manila, Y U NOT FASHUN FRIENDLY?! Srsly! orz