Thursday, May 29, 2014

Life lately - postpartum + work

I'm surprised I found time to sit in and write something for this blog. The past couple of months was extra tough - being a new mom plus the boredom was nerve-wracking. The first few weeks postpartum, I was crying everyday like a psycho. I was sleep-deprived and I had a hard time handling a newborn. When I wanted to resume to my daily creative doses, I just can't just because. It was hard.

I'm one of the few lucky ones though who overcame the phase quickly. Maybe being independent for quiet a while made me tough somehow for challenges like this. When it comes to adapting to changes, I think I'm pretty trained to it so I'm glad things went smoothly over time even though I must admit it was bittersweet transition for me.

I was back to work after a 4-5 week break. I couldn't stand the stagnancy - everyone who knows me well are aware of this. Haha. The first few weeks at work was chaotic though. I don't now where to start and cleaning and organizing all the mess in my workshop seems never-ending. I got a hold of everything somehow little by little and I'm regaining my momentum again. This time, I'm not working hard anymore but I'm working smart. There's just little too time for me now so overworking is not an option anymore. Work is continuous anyway, so yea.

Being a mom made me realize my capabilities are greater than what I expect from myself. People would try to lecture me that working + being a hands-on mother is impossible. Sorry to burst your bubbles but I'm a living proof that it is possible. It just happened that I was able to design my lifestyle effectively - my work life is my hobby x social life too so I don't have to compromise on that part leaving me with more family time and sleep time.

All in all, I'm in a new state of happiness. There are spoonfuls of stress and no-fun being poured in from time to time but it's worth it, I guess? So happy to be back blogging as well! Please suggest topics because I'm kind of running low. Anyone? :D