Thursday, March 20, 2014

On motherhood

The balancing act of motherhood and a career, and being a wife, is something that I don't think I'll ever perfect, but I love the challenge of it. - Kerri Walsh


Ahh, the last few weeks of my pregnancy was a whirlwind. I was trying to accomplish pending workloads before I give birth hence the lack of blog updates. So many backlogs! But that's okay I guess since I'm already down to my last commission for this month and I could finally blog away while waiting for my due and/or having my post partum rest. I'm partially afraid of the 'pain' but not as much anymore like before. The pregnancy itself for me is what makes it hard. Just imagine months of having to carry an extra load of weight.. I had a hard time being a petite girl so I'm really looking forward to delivery. Ahh, the relief and the excitement of finally meeting my little princess. The awe and wonder of life that was formed inside my body. 

I'm already at my 37th week! Anytime soon! Please include us in your prayers. :)

Photography: Bochic Frayna Estrada