Sunday, March 30, 2014

Review // Prisila Wigs from Marble Wonderland

Hi guys. Today, I did a review for a Prisila wig sample I got from Marble Wonderland. Huhu, talk about backlogs! It's been 3 months since I got this. Haha.

Here are some "how to wear" ideas that came with the packaging.

The wig is nice. It looks and feels like real hair. They come in different shades and I'm lucky to receive a color that is close to my current hair color. The curls are done in small portions which makes it look more natural. It kind of have that "teased" appearance when worn.

It's an instant make-over. I have flat hair right now because I can't retouch my virgin hair as of the moment due to pregnancy (nah, laziness mostly. looool!). The lack of volume kinda makes my face look big than it actually is. But as you can see, the wig gives an illusion of fuller hair volume and a smaller face.
 And since we're here. Here's an obligatory #ootd. I wish I can do a full outfit look but my shoes won't fit my feet right now. Ohai swollen legs. :)))

38 weeks. >w<

My overall review is a "positive". I don't think rating it with numbers is applicable for me since it's my first time to own a hair extension. I'm happy with it though because it is really useful and wearable. While full wigs are also popular locally, this is a good alternative because +++ for the comfort.

Labyrinth Garden dress and pearl necklace (used as hair accessory) | Dorotee Sweetlips bow | Prisila wigs hair extension

Prisila Wigs are available locally at Hallo Hallo Mall.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dorotee Sweetlips // Maiden of the bamboo forest

This month involved lots and lots of sewing and crafting since I'm trying to clear everything before I give birth. I don't want any unfinished stuff coming my way on my post partum because I know I'm gonna be a zombie tending to my newborn during that time. I'm glad though that I have a caring partner though to take care of me to help me get through this phase of my life swiftly. Though I still have lots of dreams to chase, I can proudly say I'm content with what I have right now. Contentment = happiness. :)

Anyway, a breathe of fresh air for you guys. I made a wa lolita piece for a client. She sent me a design and I just altered it a bit according to what's appealing to my eyes. While this style is kind of hard to pull-off as a daily fashion, I tried my best to make it look not too costume-y.

 The ensemble includes a pretty lace shawl that I think is a really pretty and unique accent. While the cut is traditional japanese, the lace gives it a victorian touch.

The fabric was a stressful hunt for me since she wanted something in this color palette with a floral print. This is one of the reasons why custom made dresses costs more if you request for a certain material.. The adventure of going on a fabric hunt is not always fun, you know. I was 8 months pregnant already when I was hunting for this. Imagine the back pain/pelvic pain/over fatigue I had to go through looking through those stalls of fabrics in Divisoria. I thought I was going to give birth on my way home. XD

 Obi is adorned with a salmon colored lace topped with a handmade fabric flower.

Matching headpiece is a bundle of pretty fabric roses in different textures and shapes.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Dorotee Sweetlips // Woodlands

Just one of the many things that kept me busy this month. This is a commissioned piece for my client, Letty.

It's a simple ensemble composed of a capelet and a basic skirt.

I like how wearable this piece is yet still showing the unique side of the wearer. My client's choice of colors are nice too! Reminds me so much of Studio Ghibli characters. Since the overall structure is simple, I tried to add personality using textures to balance it out and not making it look too plain.

The matching headpiece is a remake of an existing Dorotee Sweetlips headdress. She had it remade to pair with the ensemble.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

On motherhood

The balancing act of motherhood and a career, and being a wife, is something that I don't think I'll ever perfect, but I love the challenge of it. - Kerri Walsh


Ahh, the last few weeks of my pregnancy was a whirlwind. I was trying to accomplish pending workloads before I give birth hence the lack of blog updates. So many backlogs! But that's okay I guess since I'm already down to my last commission for this month and I could finally blog away while waiting for my due and/or having my post partum rest. I'm partially afraid of the 'pain' but not as much anymore like before. The pregnancy itself for me is what makes it hard. Just imagine months of having to carry an extra load of weight.. I had a hard time being a petite girl so I'm really looking forward to delivery. Ahh, the relief and the excitement of finally meeting my little princess. The awe and wonder of life that was formed inside my body. 

I'm already at my 37th week! Anytime soon! Please include us in your prayers. :)

Photography: Bochic Frayna Estrada

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dorotee Sweetlips Upcycled Series // Rose Pixie

I was supposed to release it last month but I guess February was just too... short? Haha. I have showcased this piece as part of my collection during my fashion shows in Jfashion Year 4 by Thomasian Nihon Kyoukai and Mata Expo.

Main material is printed cotton. Bodice is adorned with ruffled lace over tulle and topped with blushed organza bows.

Back part of the skirt is overlaid with lace that mimics the look of a trail or a cape for extra drama. I guess this is the main accent of the whole piece since the design is really simple but with the added lace overlay, I'm sure the wearer will feel princessy and graceful with every move.

Rose Pixie will be posted in Dorotee Sweetlips page today so if you're interested with this one of a kind piece, better watch out! See ya! xoxo