Sunday, February 2, 2014

Video games // League of Legends realistic sculptures

Let's have a break from the usual kawaii stuff I post. Yes yes, I do play "not so girly" video games. It's fun but I'm trying to not get too addicted to it again because - caution: causes rage. Haha!

It was just another afternoon earlier today and while my beau is having his daily dose reading at League of Legends' reddit (sort of a community forum for LoL fans), I glanced upon the monitor and asked, "Wow, that's a cool Katarina cosplay!" Apparently, it was not.. It was a realistic life sized sculpture. So, I asked him to bookmark it so I can enjoy the pictures later and of course, share it with you guys!


The attention to details are amazing, isn't it? This is just a taste since Ziggs is based on a fictional creature. Continue reading until you get a grasp on the "attention to details" that I was trying to say.


Now look at that. :))

And Katarina. I don't know if it was just me but I literally mistook this sculpture as an actual human. Would've been cool to see a cosplay that would somehow look similar to this. A Katarina with a more warrior/fighter look and persona and less fuwa fuwa sexy kawaii if you know what I mean.

The way they are painted really plays a trick into the eyes. Looks like real skin!

Anatomy is kinda unrealistic though in this angle but still...

She looks like Angelina Jolie. :'3

And last but not the least, King Tryndamere! I hope they have Ashe too since she is a big part of me as a LoL player. She's the very first champ I learned and I still use her for most of my ADR roles.

Battle scars, anyone?

See what I mean? :))

He doesn't have a full body photo from the source though but still really amazing! Mm., it's late but maybe a single game won't hurt, aye? Bye!

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