Monday, February 3, 2014

Spray of blush and bloom

Inner lace tube top, chiffon off-shoulder topper, skirt, and platforms from Labyrinth Garden | Body chain, heart purse, and flower clip from Dorotee Sweetlips | Wig from Prisila

First #OOTD post for February! This was fresh from yesterday's series of activities I did which includes: Lucy Pop's (a Japanese school girl brand from Japan) meet and brand introduction at Big in Japan PH's kiosk at Rockwell, Mata Expo production meeting with the organizers and the creative folks from the local visual arts and kawaii community, and a simple dinner at Little Tokyo with my beau. It may seem too much for a pregnant woman like me to bear but I always dreamed of having a work that includes things that I really love. I think there is no better vitamin for a pregnant woman (and every woman in general) than a happy state of mind and soul. <3

My tummy have become bigger now that I'm already at my 7th month. It's getting kind of hard for me to move around at this point but I still try my best to be as graceful as I can. Dressing up is kind of a challenge as well these days for as you've noticed, I look plumpier now. While I would want to convince myself that I actually gained weight, most of it are due to retained fluids to prepare me for childbirth. I wonder if it will go away later on though because some of my shoes feels tight now and I thought it would be a waste if I won't fit in them anymore. I hope not!