Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lucy Pop Experience

Last week, we met Ms.Yukie of the seifuku brand, Lucy Pop during their mini meet at Big in Japan's Kiosk. You may read about the event in this post. Two days later, my friend Anne of Kawaii PH were invited by Ms.Yukie to come over to their hotel room to have a much more intimate look and experience on Lucy Pop's products. Thanks to Anne for tagging me along though it was very sudden. I really enjoyed it!

"Whoaaaa." - That's our exact reaction when we entered the hotel room. I admire how they organized the products. I can still remember Anne spazzing on the background because between her and me, this is more of her thing. Put me in a room full of frilly things.. I don't know what will happen. HAHA

Everything is sooo well-made.

These are my favorites since they have laces and charms on them. It kinda has the dolly x lolita touch in it.

Cute fabric! 

TADAH! They were so kind to let us try and model an outfit too. It was actually my first time wearing a school girl outfit, haha! I was hiding my baby bump behind that bag btw. XD

You may also read Kawaii PH's article about Lucy Pop here.

And here's a video for you guys to enjoy. Sorry if the quality seems "meh". I only used a digital camera and I'm not really skilled when it comes to videography. Haha.