Saturday, January 18, 2014

Spring orchids

Just woke up with a hang-over from last night's Marble Wonderland in Manila. I intend to work today but I guess I need to rest a bit since I ran down with a sore throat. I blame the unlimited drinks, haha! I'm still thankful though that I didn't catch a cold or fever because I'm already in the twilight of my pregnancy. *flails*

Anyway, I'm still sorting out the photos from last night. But let me share with you first the outfit I wore for the event.

Honestly, I only prepared my outfit that morning. I literally have nothing to wear from my wardrobe because I can't fit into most of my collections (ohai baby bump orz). This outfit is composed of a canvas tunic and a chiffon robe topper and finished with fur collar, garter belt, and body chain. Ahh, styling 101 at it's finest. I seriously would like to host a open shoot for Labyrinth Garden again and dress up cute girls. It's like playing with dolls but grown-up version. lololol.

Inner Tunic, Chiffon floral topper, Lace tights, Shoes from Labyrinth Garden | Flower crown, Fur collar, Body chain, Belt, Petticoat and wig from Dorotee Sweetlips

Bonus photo with King Kong. :b