Thursday, January 30, 2014

Likings // Kawaii shoes

I've been sleeping late for a couple of nights and speaking of late, it's currently 6:09am as I am writing this post. Well, I still get my 8-hour sleep though amidst the slightly unusual sleeping pattern (hi, night owls!). Still, the couple of nights was wisely spent watching Studio Ghibli, fixing my blog, reading content online that could serve as food for the mind and soul etc. 

Moving on, I've been looking at Tumblr for the past hour and drooling over some cute shoes and decided to share some of my favorites here. Main palette is still pink and idk why but - lots of wings. I'm so addicted to them especially in footwear. So cute! I'm considering making my own pair of winged flip flops like shown above. Ohhh ideas!

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