Friday, January 24, 2014

Kawaii haul for January 2014

While a lot of people have gone crazy with my last acquisition post, I thought I'd also share with you guys the rest of the kawaii goods I acquired for this month. If you've known me for quiet a while now (even just observing my spending behavior on my Facebook posts), it's not a secret that I'm a pretty prudent when it comes to spending. It just happens that I'm a little lucky when it comes to shopping that for some reason my needs and wants kind of intertwine whenever I go hunt for things. Just like those two platforms I scored in Divisoria recently.. I don't really consider having those as luxury for I literally need new shoes to wear for it was literally a year since I got new everyday shoes.  And it happens the god of kawaii has kissed me that day and I found those two that is just perfect for my tastes and yet just right for my budget. If they were expensive, I wouldn't get them of course.

And now, let me share with you more of my luck. Below are not really necessities but since they are free, I wouldn't say more. :b

The first four items are the stuff I got as a token for doing some blogger duties from Marble Wonderland. Everybody got at least one though (for the VIP passes at least) but I got a few more things because the other envelope was for my beau who accompanied me that time. I am pregnant so they allowed me to have a +1 so yay for more freebies! Haha!

First is a wig from Prisila wigs. They work as extensions though.. It's pretty popular with gals but since it somehow matches my current hair color, I might as well try it and do a review for this later. 

I also got a pair of  Tutti contact lens. I kind of wish they were of larger diameter though but it's free so meh.

Pure Smile Strawberry milk face mask by Asia Kawaii Way. This is their own product so I don't really know if I should use it because it kinda serves as a souvenir for me. orz

I also hauled a couple of catalog books from the booths because they can serve as reference for styling or photoshoots. Also, because it's Kyary. :b

These just came in today. I bought it from a friend in Facebook. I scored them for 300php each. It's a steal since it's really hard to find Kera these days even in Japan especially if Kyary is in it. I was hunting for some reference books and magazines last Christmas to aid me with my work but I failed but here they are now! Yay!

My beau was kind of surprised when he asked about them because he thought I spent a lot but no, not really. Things like these help me to get inspired and when I'm inspired, I work. The investment is worth it.