Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dorotee Sweetlips // Royal Pirate

I am lacking of proper words on how proud I am with this commissioned piece. It took me a good three months to complete this one because my client had to request for additional details as I progress. She said she's aiming to win the best dressed award on an event she's going to this summer so she wanted her outfit to be as elaborate as possible. It was frustrating at first because I so wanted to move on on my next project but all the procrastinating was worth it when I saw how satisfied she was just by looking at the pictures. My client's based on Singapore by the way.

Main material is suede velvet and fully lined.

So proud of the peplum! I patterned them myself. :D

Kinda cheated on the gold embroidery since they are iron-ons. But still very pretty..

The set comes with a tricorn hat adorned with ostrich and peacock feathers.

Go forth and make me proud, baby.