Friday, January 10, 2014

All Dolled Up: A fashion seminar

And yet another talk I did at a university. This time, it's at De La Salle-Dasmarinas. Thank you so much to Ruth and her group for inviting me. It was a last-minute call. I wouldn't have said yes because of limited time but I'm still glad I did it. It's a whole new experience for me because this time, we discussed about the entrepreneurial side of Dorotee Sweetlips unlike the past talks I did which focuses on lolita subculture mainly. The questions were rich that I found myself blank-faced a lot of times because these were questions I haven't asked myself yet despite the fact I've been in business for almost 6 years. I learned a lot even though I was the one sharing my experience with the students. I wish I could've talked about lolita fashion more since my audience that time were not really familiar with the subculture and and yet they shared with me great enthusiasm with the lifestyle. Really cool to see how much they are willing to learn and somehow, I realized, even though I'm done with my tertiary education, there is still much to learn. Thank you for letting me experience this feeling once again, thank you. <3