Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dreaming Girls: Art Collection of Macoto Takahashi

Today, I'm going to share with you guys an art book that was just released in Japan last month. Kayo, the publisher behind this project, just contacted me earlier and asked me if I could share about the book to my network. The truth is, I was surprised because I love Macoto Takahashi's work ever since I was a child. I remember trying to please my Papa with my good grades so he would buy me that cute pencil case that has Macoto's art in it. I was 8 years old and I didn't know about Macoto back then of course. I just really like the illustrations so much! I think I learned about the artist behind it during my college days when I discovered lolita and have been researching everywhere to understand the subculture more. So here it is, I'm more than glad to share his work on this humble blog of mine.

Macoto Takahashi (1934-) is a prominent artist well known for his illustration of gorgeous girls. In the 1960s to 1980s, his illustrations of young girls with big eyes were very popular among young girls in Japan and he keeps working actively despite of his age.

The style of his illustrations is obviously influenced by Art Deco, and they are typical of Japanese manga drawings that are popular today. His illustration’s characteristics are his decorative and precise depiction as well as his gorgeous and naive coloring.

This book is to celebrate his 60th anniversary since his debut. As it compiles his work thoroughly, it will be a treasured book for not only fans of his romantic and girly artworks but also for illustrators and manga artist as a great reference. 

Pages:208(Full Color)

Release date: December 2013 (Japan) / February 2014 (USA) / April 2014 (Europe)

Just looking at the book's preview makes me want to get my own copy as well. I know it would be a good reference for my designing. I love how each illustration has it's own story to tell and the attention to details are really amazing.

The book can be purchased online through Amazon. Or you could get it directly from Japan by contacting the publishing house here or in their Facebook page. I can help you get a copy through shopping service. Just let me know if you're interested! 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dorotee Sweetlips // Royal Pirate

I am lacking of proper words on how proud I am with this commissioned piece. It took me a good three months to complete this one because my client had to request for additional details as I progress. She said she's aiming to win the best dressed award on an event she's going to this summer so she wanted her outfit to be as elaborate as possible. It was frustrating at first because I so wanted to move on on my next project but all the procrastinating was worth it when I saw how satisfied she was just by looking at the pictures. My client's based on Singapore by the way.

Main material is suede velvet and fully lined.

So proud of the peplum! I patterned them myself. :D

Kinda cheated on the gold embroidery since they are iron-ons. But still very pretty..

The set comes with a tricorn hat adorned with ostrich and peacock feathers.

Go forth and make me proud, baby.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Kawaii haul for January 2014

While a lot of people have gone crazy with my last acquisition post, I thought I'd also share with you guys the rest of the kawaii goods I acquired for this month. If you've known me for quiet a while now (even just observing my spending behavior on my Facebook posts), it's not a secret that I'm a pretty prudent when it comes to spending. It just happens that I'm a little lucky when it comes to shopping that for some reason my needs and wants kind of intertwine whenever I go hunt for things. Just like those two platforms I scored in Divisoria recently.. I don't really consider having those as luxury for I literally need new shoes to wear for it was literally a year since I got new everyday shoes.  And it happens the god of kawaii has kissed me that day and I found those two that is just perfect for my tastes and yet just right for my budget. If they were expensive, I wouldn't get them of course.

And now, let me share with you more of my luck. Below are not really necessities but since they are free, I wouldn't say more. :b

The first four items are the stuff I got as a token for doing some blogger duties from Marble Wonderland. Everybody got at least one though (for the VIP passes at least) but I got a few more things because the other envelope was for my beau who accompanied me that time. I am pregnant so they allowed me to have a +1 so yay for more freebies! Haha!

First is a wig from Prisila wigs. They work as extensions though.. It's pretty popular with gals but since it somehow matches my current hair color, I might as well try it and do a review for this later. 

I also got a pair of  Tutti contact lens. I kind of wish they were of larger diameter though but it's free so meh.

Pure Smile Strawberry milk face mask by Asia Kawaii Way. This is their own product so I don't really know if I should use it because it kinda serves as a souvenir for me. orz

I also hauled a couple of catalog books from the booths because they can serve as reference for styling or photoshoots. Also, because it's Kyary. :b

These just came in today. I bought it from a friend in Facebook. I scored them for 300php each. It's a steal since it's really hard to find Kera these days even in Japan especially if Kyary is in it. I was hunting for some reference books and magazines last Christmas to aid me with my work but I failed but here they are now! Yay!

My beau was kind of surprised when he asked about them because he thought I spent a lot but no, not really. Things like these help me to get inspired and when I'm inspired, I work. The investment is worth it. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Marble Wonderland in Manila by Asia Kawaii Way

I have lots of photos to share to you from last Friday's Marble Wonderland. Although it didn't really meet my expectations, I think it's a success for it's first tour in Manila.

The event was opened with a video that somewhat introduces what Marble Wonderland is all about. It was enlightening because I thought it's mainly just a fashion show. I learned that it actually showcase "kawaii" culture in it's entirety - Harajuku fashion,  Japanese pop/rock music, Anime and Cosplay, etc. So while I was hoping to see a fashion show, turns out the show is a compilation of different subcultures that manifest what kawaii culture is all about.

For the first act was Miume and 217. They prepared a modern dance number for us with traditional Japanese culture as their theme.

And of course, Alodia was introduced right after their performance. She's wearing an awesome geisha ensemble.

The event was hosted by Rhianna Floresca of Animax Philippines.

After some chit-chat about the background of Marble Wonderland, they opened the contest in search for a member of a new idol group, Alodia's sisters. The participants were mostly cosplayers. This part is kinda "meh" to me since my interest with anime/cosplay is not really that much. Well unless I see a super accurate cosplay of a super favorite character of mine from a videogame or a book, I'll spazz of course but that's just it.

I think this girl was my favorite because she has a nice ethereal voice and I like what she's wearing. I'm not sure if this is cosplay but looks very Kyary to me.

Some well-known cosplayers from the country also performed.

Myrtle! It's a delight seeing her again. I think it was almost a year since I saw her when I worked with her for Hero TV. She looks more confident now compared to the last time I saw her. Show business has helped her a lot on being a better performer. So happy for her.

I just realized we don't have a picture together but it was nice having to glomp each other again after quiet a while. Maybe next time. :b

Miume and 217 graced the stage again for their second dance performance. Everyone was spazzing. Haha!

And for the last act, Alodia performed Marble Wonderland's trademark song, "Kawaii Girl."

Prior to event's closing, all the performers gathered on stage for the curtain call and for the announcement of the winner of latest member of Alodia's sisters.

Winner was Rae Redecio. I have worked with her before for my brand's catalog shoot but I didn't realize it was her that time until I saw updates from her in Facebook. She's really cute and I'm eager to see what she has to offer for the local kawaii community. Best of luck!

It's funny that a lot of these girls were Dorotee Sweetlips muses. I can never be so proud. :')

And for the curtain call..

Hai Miume and 217! Thanks for coming to Manila. *w*

So while everyone was busy exiting the venue/taking pictures/stalking Miume and 217 at the backstage, I get the chance to roam around and check out the booths that sells kawaii merchandise from Japan.

Mostly are gal items but they were eye candy. I got a Prisila wig and a Coco contact lens though as a token for covering the event as a blogger. I'll do a review for them on my next post.

All in all, the event was fun. I did felt the kawaii vibe throughout the show and I guess that makes it a success. I hope next time we can have Misako Aoki or probably some visual kei bands to come and visit. Level up for the local kawaii community. Yay!

Special thanks to Cosplay Network Philippines for the media pass. More power!