Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hiatus OVER + expecting a baby~ :3

It felt like forever!

Quiet a number of people have been asking why I am not updating my blog and Dorotee Sweetlips' page for several weeks. I'm really sorry for the lack of updates. I recently got into a big argument with my brother in which he doesn't want to agree to disagree hence the hurtful exchange of words and acts that I think I will never forget forever. While his girlfriend is openly stalking my Facebook posts regarding my feelings about the matter, perhaps fabricating the real meaning of what I has to say when he reports it to my brother. I just want both of them to know in case they ended up in this post that I am human too. I am entitled to speak about how I feel, how your actions affected me as someone who you used to trust you.. Please stop acting like you're the only one who are affected. The damage you've dealt in me is far greater than any emotional burdens I have ever had and what do you expect? It is normal for anyone to retaliate when hurt. My feelings, my thoughts and my words are mine. I do not shove it into your throats, do I? As a human, I am capable of anger and distrust like you. For the past two years after Mama's passing, I have focused on making the most out of all the resources I have. I have focused on my career not only because of self-fulfillment it brings me but it's also the only thing that generates cash flow to support the needs that Mama used to provide before. But what? You never showed a single support on what I do and even went ahead to deprive me of my rights, basic needs, even a home? And now you're surprised I can't seem to let go? Perhaps, in God's time, I will be able to let go of my feelings, but my mind will never forget. My feelings, they are mine and mine alone like how you keep yours.

Whew! that felt good. Moving on, I was forced to pause my work because my brother removed the electricity source at my workshop where I also live. I was forced to look for an alternative home to stay at and was also busy running errands for all the legal responsibilities I have to handle as one of the heirs of my mother. But all is well now, my mother never failed to look after me as always and sent help during difficult times. I was able to occupy one of the properties of my mother which we can't even set  foot in before. It's only a few blocks away from my workshop so I will be able to resume to work again.. and BLOG again of course because I miss this place and I miss sharing joyful and pretty things to my subbies. There's always a rainbow after the rain, indeed.

And! For the bigger news. Most of you are not expecting this, so do I. But yep, considering I am alone in life, the heavens has sent me a little angel.


I am blessed with a new family! Perhaps to give me motivation to not waste anymore time and finally be able to stay away from all the bad vibes that I am living now. Of course, I will never allow any bad influence to be near my little one. I will surround her with growth, progress, ambition.. all things positive! She(I still don't know the gender but I am hoping!) will be much stronger than me, more resourceful of the talents she will have, more objective.. It would be awesome and I'm pretty excited already. Still scared of the process of giving birth though. I CAN HAZ ZERO PAIN TOLERANCE. huhuhu. :'>

I miss this place.