Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guide to getting your measurements

Here's a step by step guide on how to get proper body measurements. This blog post is especially made for my clients who would like to have their dresses made but can't have an appointment with me due to some hindrances like conflicting schedules, distance, etc. Hope you guys find this post helpful!

I use two measuring tapes for me to get the most accurate measurements as possible. I suggest you do the same as to it's easier and faster. Read on to understand why.

1. Around the waist

To find the waist, measuring tape must be at the same level as the elbows. It is where the curve is deepest on a woman's body. Secure the tape measure using a pin and take note of the waist measurement.

2. Around the bust

Get the bust measurement where bust is at fullest.

3. Around the hips

Hips measurement is 7 inches from the waist.

4. Shoulders

Locate the bone where your shoulder blades and arm connects. Measure the distance- this is the shoulder measurement.

5. Width of back

Measure the distance of the back from armpit to armpit.

6. Length of back

Locate the cervical bone (batok for my Filipino friends) and get the length from it down to waist. Use the advantage of the first measuring tape already on place.

7. Width of chest

Same procedure as width of back.

8. Bust points

Measure the distance from bust point to bust point.

9. Cervical to waist

Place the tip of the tape on the cervical bone and measure down to the waist line.

10. Cervical to bust

Place the tip of the tape on the cervical bone and measure down to the bust point.

11. Length of skirt

From the waist line, measure down to the desired skirt length.

12. Armcye

Measure the circumference of the armcye.

13. Girth

Get the girth circumference just right under the armpit.

14. Arm

Get the arm circumference 3 inches up from the elbow.

15. Elbow

16. Forearm

Forearm is three inches down the elbow. Get the circumference.

17. Wrist

Locate where the arm and hand meet and get the circumference.

18. Inner sleeve

Measure the length of the inner sleeve from the armpit down to the wrist.

19. Outside sleeve

Have your model bend her arm like this and get the outside sleeve length from the shoulder bone, elbow, and to the wrist.

Soo, that's it. Hope you find this useful~