Monday, July 22, 2013

Four looks: Labyrinth Garden

Hey guys! It's been a while. I haven't found motivation to blog during the past months until a while ago. Anyway, here are some looks I did for our resale Japanese fashion online shop, Labyrinth Garden. They are available and we only carry one piece per item since they are thrift finds.

For fun, I will be giving away a discount code for my readers who will buy the clothing articles I used in this post. The code will be effective until supplies last. Just include the code in your final orders when you send the order form. ^^

15% off CODE: LG-JChantelle-72213


First look is inspired both by Aomoji kei and Gyaru fashion. The blazer mimics the texture of leather and pairing it with a soft denim dress gives out a biker look. I used a kitty headband and skeleton hair clips for that Harajuku accent.

LG Black cropped blazer at 350PHP | LG Polkadots hoodie dress at 220PHP | Skeleton hand hairclips and Kitty headband - Dorotee Sweetlips

Second look is a simple rainy day dolly get up. Very wearable!

Blouse at 150PHP | Skirt at 250PHP | Boots at 750PHP

For the third look, my main theme was mori kei with a bit of a Northerner (Game of Thrones) inspiration. Perhaps my kawaii take on Ygritte.

"You know nothing, Jon Snow." Haha.

Fur capelet at 550PHP | Mori jumperskirt at 250PHP | Inner blouse at 75PHP

Last look is a toned down kawaii grecian look for that refined lady-like style. I accessorized with a simple bow belt for accent and paired it with my Bodyline lolita shoes.

Chiffon dress at 250PHP
Photography by Joeyn Hortaleza

Hope you like them and I would be very happy if you give them lovely clothes a new home. 'Til next post!

Justine Chantelle