Saturday, February 23, 2013

Black Matilda

I think my outfit the other day pretty much sums up what I feel these days. I recently blacked out of motivation on things due to problems at home and it did reflect on my working habits. Everyday, I just want to stay away from people who keeps channeling negative energies to me.. But like metal and steel, I really think I've become a fighter through the years. I feel better now though, don't worry. I'm back on doing things that needs to be done.

I'm not sure if it's safe to call this lolita because I used a lot of unconventional pieces but yes, it's pretty much inspired by it.

Labyrinth Garden top and skirt | Lunatrinks bodychain and skull necklace | Dorotee Sweetlips bow | Vogue Royal mermaid wig

Justine Chantelle

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Behind the silk curtain lies the enchanted forest

Here is an outfit inspired once again by the dolly kei style. I love how limitless this style is compared to Lolita. Lolita will still be my first love though but sometimes it's strictness feels like a trap. And I'm glad a style like dolly kei came about without me having to leave the elegance and aesthetic that both styles share and yet I can experiment a lot.

Vogue Royal Cosplay mermaid wig | Lunatrinks mini hat | Everything else is Labyrinth Garden

Currently, I've been busy (as always) juggling school and fashion stints for Dorotee Sweetlips. Lots of new opportunities are coming in like my recent partnership with Animax and the Ani-time ani-mates, Rhianna and Alodia. I still can't believe the label can make it this far.

At home, I had a huge argument with my older brother that made me decide to move out. It's not really a big deal since I'm almost in my mid-20s and investing as early as now would benefit me in the future.. The process will be gradual though since I plan to accomplish the physical shop I've been dreaming to have since 2008 first. As you see, I'm torn between all the doll-like japanese fashion styles which made me decide to have it simply doll-themed.. The shop will not be limited to Lolita fashion only but also to other j-fashion styles that embodies the image of a living doll. I might take in consignors too from local independent brands and artisan friends. So yes! the shop will carry different brands, not only my lolita line, Dorotee Sweetlips. But of course it's going to be the highlight, haha. It's going to be awesome! I can't wait! As of now, I'm still thinking of the shop's name. Any suggestions?

Justine Chantelle

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lolita Panel at DLSU-Manila

Thank you so much Nihon Kenkyu Kai of DLSU for inviting me to speak for a talk about Lolita fashion. Public speaking is still my weakness but I can feel I am improving. Thanks again, I had sooo much fun!

Haha, sooo much derp. XD


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Thomasian Nihon Kyoukai's Jfashion Year 3

It feels so good having to stay up late at night with nothing to do. The past weeks was all about sewing all night long. I have help now and it definitely made things quicker this time. And I'm very thankful for that.

So last Wednesday, happened the event that was the reason of all this hardwork. I was invited as one of the guest designers to showcase a collection on their Jfashion show III.

I have 5 pieces that I showed last year at Eternal Death Wake in a fashion show as well but when I looked at them again when 2013 entered, I feel like they are lacking but with so much potential. I did some minor re-embellishments on those 5 and added it to my current collection. I made four new pieces for this year which borders more into the sweet side of lolita and the theme is very much inspired by tea parties.

Here are some photos of two mini collections combined. It isn't complete yet for me and my photographer didn't have the whole day to shoot. I will be shooting the rest tomorrow~ <3

The black piece was kind of out of place, I know. That one was part of the darker pieces that I did last November.

And, photos from the fashion show! I have few shots to share with you because I'm still waiting for the other photographers to send them to me. I'll try my best to post it here too as soon as I can.

Ready with the models at the backstage~
I once said that I can't become an actress/celebrity because I look derp on candid shots most of the time. You know, why is it that Hollywood celebrities or even our local personalities still looks good on candid photos. I am aware that I am not that physically pretty based on the standards of the society but why is it I always have those embarrassing facial expressions on candid photo? Is it a skill one has to learn? Somebody, teach me! Haha!

Nevertheless, I love this photo. I can't remember what we are doing here but it's cute. I look happy. XD

With my friend, Lex, the designer behind Tokyo Barbie which debuted that day.

Runway shots! Kleng looking stunning on this gothic ensemble.

We have a baby girl here. This lass is really young! 13 I think? But whoa, she rocks sweet lolita really good! Kind of reminds me of the lolita model, Midori. Pretty girl is pretttyyy~

There were a little twist of problem on model assignment during the show so I had to switch models and even had a couple of my friends walk for the curtain call. So yea, here are two additional dollies beside me. <3

It was fulfilling. Thanks to my friends who fuels me with enthusiasm. You guys are the icing on my cake. And, to my sister, Grace, who stayed with me through sleepless nights and helped me turn the designs from paper into life. To more sleepless nights!