Monday, January 14, 2013

Frilly busy

I'm currently working on a collection for a j-fashion show hosted by Thomasian Nihon Kyoukai on 30th. The collection would be leaning more towards the princess side of lolita as opposed to the dark styles I made for the fashion show I did for Eternal Death Wake X last November. Mentioning that, I remembered haven't posted any aftermath posts regarding the said show. I will try to catch up on that after this project. orz

Sketching to death like crazy. It's pretty hard to come up with fresh ideas for lolita fashion without breaking the guidelines. While it is healthy for any designer to come out of the box from time to time, I have to restraint myself with the basic standards for Dorotee Sweetlips since it's my ultimate lolita baby. All other experimental designs would fall under a different brand which is my own signature, Justine Chantelle.

And oh, Iook at my cutie bunny planner! I kept it for years and I keep on forgetting about it. I'm finally using it now. Haha.

Work on progress. This design went to a lot of changes along the way from the sketched design. I'm trying to pull off a more clean and tailored look for this collection as a way of challenging my pattern making skills. I can't believe I can do so much with modifying patterns now yay! Thanks to my good training at fashion school.

A princess can't have enough bows and fine laces~ <3

Soooo, that's it for updates! I'm currently training my sister right at this very moment on layout and cutting patterns to fabric. Back to work!