Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A good friend is cheaper than therapy

Last Saturday, I get to have an alone time together with my girls as our pre-Christmas date at Cubao X. Also, I've been wanting to go back from my visit a week ago because of the flea market they are having. Apparently  I realized they had different sets of sellers every week so I don't get to check again the merchandise I am eye-ing from the last time, boo!

Turns out that it's also their last day that day. I wish they have it all-year round though. I would definitely be a regular if that's the case, haha!

Lots of hand-crafted goods! I love them. <3

I fell in love with those cameo necklaces. I wish I had enough cash that time I would've gotten a pair. I made sure to have a connection with the seller so I can still buy in the future.



I think Kleng is my lookbook buddy now. XD

Labyrinth Garden top | Labyrinth Garden skirt | Prima Lureme spike headband

I still get reactions about me not wearing lolita anymore. I think I'm slowly finding my new style. I would definitely wear lolita every now and then though.. I just can't wear it everyday though because I came to this realization that it's not anymore working with my current lifestyle. I hope my readers would still warmly receive me and my new style. ^w^

We had booze, delicious food and lots of lively chatter that night I definitely want more! I honestly think they will be the last set of girlfriends I will ever have. Must go contact them now for another get-together. Haha!

And by the way, Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope all of you are having a good time this time of the year. Cheers!