Monday, November 12, 2012

Flying time

It's funny how I like to complain about having so little time for things I need and want to harmoniously accomplish.. yet I am so reminiscent right now on how quick time is passing and the lot of things I've done. I've accomplished a lot lately, yes, but I can't seem to find the end of the line. Every day my responsibilities piles up not just to my work, studies and family but, for some reason, to things or people who doesn't even have anything to do with who I am now.

When do you really know if you are happy? I have lots of happy memories behind me but how can one convince his self if they had really found true happiness.. I hate math but it would be convenient if basic arithmetic can measure a person's contentment.

Gawd. I think I'm having a mid-life crisis. An early one..

I am an adult. The only people who truly cared for me, my parents, has passed this life. The only reason why me and my siblings stick together is because it's the most convenient thing to do right now and perhaps, out of respect to our parents who raised us we decide to make our bond even strong especially now that there are people who contest our claim. I adore my brothers and sisters. They are my comfort but I must be honest I don't feel the absolute love my mother has given to me from them. I know, I can be alone anytime. I feel indifferent actually by the thought of it.. It's weird.

I miss my mother.