Monday, September 24, 2012

Black Tuesday

A group of Thomasian college students went to see me last Tuesday for a special interview they need in one of their subjects. I completely thought the topic would focus mainly on Dorotee Sweetlips as a business but it turned out that they were required to interview an internet icon. I felt really awkward because I don't think I fit into the category. XD

Joeyn and I spent our waiting time in a nearby book store after my class. Blargh! I can't digest how hipster this photo looks. Well, at least it's not Twilight. :b

So, I met the group and ran into different establishments trying to find a perfect spot to do the interview. We ended up in Shakey's though since it's getting late and we are all hungry as well.

Once again! Behold the Queen of Awkwardness! Ohai! I'm being filmed and it's making me nervous. I tried my best to look confident throughout the interview though. I am relieved though that my brain functioned properly during that time and I haven't had those "blocked" moments. If you know what I mean.

We had dinner afterwards and had an awesome chit-chat. They made me miss college life, really! And  yey to me for taking shamaless outfits shots in the resto.

Labyrinth Garden dress | Lunatrinks necklace and ring | Prima Lurame spikes headband