Friday, September 28, 2012

Kojie San's Lolita fragrance Press Launch!

I was invited last week on a Press Launch to represent my label, Dorotee Sweetlips, on the newest product Kojie San has to offer, Lolita. Myrtle, their chosen endorser also sent me an SMS during the day confirming my attendance. I am sooo proud of her and it's very heartwarming that she helps me promote my expertise whenever she can without asking for anything in return. I truly believe her kindness would take her higher than the sky.

I am totally in love with how they dressed the venue! Everything is sooo pink and sparkly! I dream of hosting a lolita tea party as grand as this in the future when Dorotee Sweetlips will become bigger as a company. I wonder when will that day come true.

The lobby was cute too! I was taking a photo from the inside for I was startled from the surprise interview (which is pretty long!) from Hero TV when I entered the lobby. Me and my sister were also approached by TV Patrol and took a short video of us. Anything that requires a lot on confidence scares me. XDD

Pink carpet photos.. What? The carpet is pink! :))
Dress and wig is Dorotee Sweetlips original.

I brought my sister with me since she wanted to meet Myrt too!

Of course, FOOD! It is a luxury nobody could ever deny!

Onomnomnom. I wasn't able to finish my first set of meal for one of the stage managers approached me and my sister to join the opening fashion show before they unveil the much awaited endorser. Scary experience once again. OTL


After the opening act, me and my sis did a calming spree at the lobby before going back in. When we came back, they are already having this on-stage discussion about the product, Lolita.

And I was called up on stage once again. LOL! It appeared I was one of the chosen best dressed and they gave me an Olympus digicam as a prize. YEY! HAHAHA! The whole scene was completely me and Myrt fangirling each other. XD Paul, the guy in red plaid sweater, also mentioned about my label and I'm soooo honored that he did.

After a series of question and answer with Myrtle by her fans and the invited guests, they opened the floor for photo opt with the endorser!

Here are just few of the bloggers that were invited on the event.

Thanks Myrtle!

AND! Nobody leaves without harassing the awesome set! LOL

I was able to take home a bagful of complete Kojie San's products and all six scents of Lolita fragrance. I personally like Cali for it's fresh and sporty smell. I'm more on the fresh than sweet when it comes to scents. They are now available in the market! Go grab them!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Black Tuesday

A group of Thomasian college students went to see me last Tuesday for a special interview they need in one of their subjects. I completely thought the topic would focus mainly on Dorotee Sweetlips as a business but it turned out that they were required to interview an internet icon. I felt really awkward because I don't think I fit into the category. XD

Joeyn and I spent our waiting time in a nearby book store after my class. Blargh! I can't digest how hipster this photo looks. Well, at least it's not Twilight. :b

So, I met the group and ran into different establishments trying to find a perfect spot to do the interview. We ended up in Shakey's though since it's getting late and we are all hungry as well.

Once again! Behold the Queen of Awkwardness! Ohai! I'm being filmed and it's making me nervous. I tried my best to look confident throughout the interview though. I am relieved though that my brain functioned properly during that time and I haven't had those "blocked" moments. If you know what I mean.

We had dinner afterwards and had an awesome chit-chat. They made me miss college life, really! And  yey to me for taking shamaless outfits shots in the resto.

Labyrinth Garden dress | Lunatrinks necklace and ring | Prima Lurame spikes headband


Friday, September 21, 2012

Doll Parade Collection by Dorotee Sweetlips

My big thanks goes to Sir Adrian Villa of ABV events for having me as their guest designer for their fashion show last Sept 16 2012 at Starmall Edsa Shaw. It was a learning experience and I get to meet a lot of people to who are willing to share their expertise with me so we can help each other grow together. All of the models are such sweethearts and I'm delighted with how enthusiastic they are to discover what Lolita fashion is. *raises the lolita flag as if there is such a thing lol*

We worked with an awesome professional HMUA crew from Mary Kay who helped me and all the models be at our best. I'm still in awe with their wide collection of quality tools and equipments. It's actually my first time to see such things. *A*

I remained still and speechless while my make up was being done by one of them for I was too amazed with the make-up related conversations they are having. They are speaking alien language! *ifyouknowwhatimean.jpg*

Tadahhh~! Not my usual make up peg but I like it. I look sophisticated. Haha!

My friend, Kleng, who helped style the models also had her make up done since I decided to have her model one of my dresses too.

Moving forward to the fashion show proper!

When my label was introduced, I was called up in stage to tell everyone what Lolita is and how it is relevant to my label, Dorotee Sweetlips. It was an ambush so I was really nervous. I really hate public speaking. T3T

Look at that awkward posture and THAT FACE! XD

Thank you so much to Mr.Leandre for sending these pictures to me.

Anddd! The curtain call! It was really awkward. XD I would prefer to just enter the stage and bow. The floor manager insisted that I do the runway too. I can't function properly in front of so many people. /hidesforever

LOLL! Awkwarddd!!

I'm glad that my friend is there to be with me on stage. I would've died on the spot if I were alone. OTL

We had an awesome photo opt afterwards but I don't know how to find the photographers who took our pictures so I would save those for later. My siblings went to welcome me backstage after seeing my collection. Everybody is sooo supportive it makes me want to cry. Hahaha!

 After treating my siblings and my friends with a hearty meal, we went straight to SMX to pick up Joeyn since he attended to my booth for the whole day. Got a chance to see NOIZ play for the last time too!

Of course, the day wouldn't end without outfit photos!

Dorotee Sweetlips dress and headdress | Linda's shop contact lenses | Vogue Royal rocking horse shoes | Labyrinth Garden fur collar

On Kleng:

Dorotee Sweetlips dress and headdress | Prima Lurame tights

The next Dorotee Sweetlips fashion show will happen on the last Saturday of the month. Stay tuned at Dorotee Sweetlips' page for announcements!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Best of Anime 2012

Best of Anime, the legendary con that brought the Visual Kei band NOIZ to the Philippine lands. I wasn't able to take pictures of the concert though for I was too far away from the stage but it was an enjoyable experience. :)

I spotted Starry Sniper's booth with their awesome steampunk creations. I've been following them in Facebook for quiet a while now and I'm amazed with their quality craftsmanship.

That steampunk headband in the middle. hnnnggg!!

Minions in superhero costumes! Who wouldn't love?

Also spotted the awesome display of customized robots by different artisans. I am forever blinded by the dedication they put in every piece. This one looks really cool!

My beloved Sachiko in her personalized Visual Kei inspired outfit! So bishie~ <3

Accessories by Lunatrinks!

And of course, a post wouldn't end without an outfit rundown. :))

Dorotee Sweetlips dress / pillbox hat | Labyrinth Garden blouse | Scissors ring sponsored by Lunatrinks |  Bambi contact lens sponsored by Linda's shop | Rocking horse shoes sponsored by Vogue Royal


The rest of the day was consumed by running around hunting lolitas for the Lolita Snap project for The Philippine Gothic and Lolita Community. I was able to take a decent amount of snap shots so don't forget to check them out at PGLC's page.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Weeks ago, UP AME invited me to speak for PH-Kei : A talk about the japanese fashion scene in the Philippines. The topic I was assigned with was of course, lolita. I got a few of my friends model my Dorotee Sweetlips designs and we ended up having a mini shoot after the talk. Below are just a few of my favorite photos yet by Hello Miss Dar photography.


Me and my friend, Xiarlotte, are wearing the Court of the Red Queen and Tooth ache fairy dresses all from Dorotee Sweetlips.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Seven years and three months of love and friendship. We spent the latter half of our day yesterday with a dinner at Little Tokyo, Makati. It's been a while since I went there even though it's just a minute walk from my school. In fairness, the aroma coming from the restaurants do remind me of Japan.

We arrived 30 minutes early before the actual opening time of the restaurants so we walked around a little bit and Joeyn took photos of me for my outfit shots. I'm happy to declare that I'll be back with more fashion blogging now since me and my beau agreed on it with him as my photographer. Being surrounded by his friends from the arts and design school he's currently attending to, he just recently found his fondness with photography and I'm glad that he did. Haha!

Labyrinth Garden floral dress | Lunatrinks Alice necklace | Handmade bow | Rose heels from Tutuban | Sponsored contact lens by Linda's shop

The 30-minute wait was actually pretty long for hungry folks like us that we tried to divert our attention to this little darling.

Waiting for this particular resto to open. We love their bentou meals!

We were their first customers, obviously. haha! Buena Mano as how Filipinos call it.
:3 I ordered chiken teriyaki bentou which was really yummy and fulfilling. I can't actually finish the whole meal on my own since the serving is pretty large. Good thing I have a foodie with me. XD

Joeyn ordered ramen. I forgot what kind it was but this bowl is really big in actual I think I can only consume a quarter of it.

We shared this hearty meal, chat endlessly, had a walk around the area and took the PNR train on our way home. Just one of the days I will cherish forever because of all the bumps i have experienced in my life, I am thankful of the better days like I had yesterday.