Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Passion Revealed: The Marionettes feat. Dorotee Sweetlips' fashion show

First and foremost, super thanks to GK Productions for inviting me as their guest designer for Passion Revealed. It was an awesome experience and I had a good time with the organizers and the models who took part of the show.

We weren't able to take a lot of kick-ass photos though but I love how memory-filled every photo is.

Ten of my works was shown that day, sadly though I only have photos of the ones posted in this blog. /fail

A lot of thanks and love to my awesome behind-the-scenes crew. Thanks guys!

Group shot! Mariel (the one wearing the black x white ensemble from above ^) is missing here though. :( Still fun nevertheless!

I'm open for more collaborations. Please send them at jcaabad@yahoo.com. Thanks!