Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Alice and her peach locks

The last few weeks have been tough for me and my siblings. I have been working hard to at least provide for our basic needs. Earning money could have been easier if my body doesn't shut down when it's most needed. Sometimes, I wonder.. How other people do it? When will come a time when we can be financially free and enjoy the rest of our lives?

I've skipped classes for two weeks now because I had to be here at home so I can work. Also, I would most of the time sacrifice my daily allowance so my siblings can go to school. It never crossed my mind to be this kind of a person because I used to prioritize my fashion education over everything else. Good thing, fashion can wait. :)

Shot these today to break free from the stress of life. Perhaps this is my gateway to put my feelings into photographs..

dress - Dorotee Sweetlips | bow - Dorotee Sweetlips | Alice necklace and brooch - Lunatrinks | shoes- Bodyline | socks - Labyrinth Garden

How do you think I feel right now?