Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Toothache Fairy

I decided to release all my sweet and moe elements into a collection this year so that I can retire the substyle gracefully. Next year will be dedicated to the dark, edgy, and surreal. While I would still make sweet stuff from time to time, it would only be for commissions or probably some accessories only. I'm excited for the future. <3

Here's one of the final releases dedicated to the sweet and kawaii style, Toothache Fairy. It's inspired of both OTT sweet lolita and fairy kei fashion.

I'm gonna showcase this dress on Oh No Manga event this Sunday at  Skydome, Trinoma. See you there!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Doll dress up @ Toycon '12

Backlog! XD I can't believe I completely forgot about this.

Last Toycon, I was invited in an ambush by the event organizers to judge their Doll Dress Up contest. I seriously hate judging anything.. It's like, everything is so awesome for me and I appreciate the effort the contestants pour on their entries. I wanted everybody to win and go home happy. Haha!

Here are the entries. Everything was amazing. I love how intricately the contestants clothed their dolls and tadah! They are in character too!

I had fun looking at the dolls dressed up as superheroes but I liked the one's with original design better. :)

Just like this dolly..

And I really fancy this aristocrat boy. So cute! :D

And here's my favorite. I didn't get the chance to know who won the contest but I hope this dollie got the prize! How can a doll be more cuter?

Isn't she fabulous?

If anybody knew who won this contest, I'd appreciate if you share some info with me. I'm really curious.

Thanks for reading! <3

Monday, July 16, 2012

Myrtle Gail wears Dorotee Sweetlips

My good old friend and client, Myrtle asked me if I could be her personal fashion consultant few days after yesterday. For my non-Filipino readers, in the Philippines, people could kill for their celebrity idols. Myrtle have recently won the 'big winner' award from our own Big Brother edition and almost everybody's attention's on her. I care less about these kind of things since I used to pursue a career as a production designer before I switched to fashion so, technically, it's not my first time to be involved with celebrities. I already worked for a few TV series and a few film shoots before..and also theater. My income doesn't pay well for the effort I give to my work so I decided to switch to fashion where I am my own boss. I didn't expect I could somehow go home to my first love with fashion, still, as my medium. Myrtle's been very nice to me too so I don't want to let her down so here we are..

Yesterday, I spent my day styling her in a couple of TV show appearances where she wore some of my pieces I have designed and made. I'm simply just proud of her.

She was not allowed to wear the lolita dress I brought at her first appearance so I just helped her accessorize to keep up with her image as a japanese pop culture enthusiast.

But nobody could stop Myrtle's creative senses. We took photos of the ensemble during her break. I'll be posting the rest of the photos this week on my page.

Moved to another dressing room for the next show. I was now wearing the capelet because it was friggin' cold. I didn't even watch the show because it's much cooler in the studio. brr!
I brought my laptop so I could multitask with my online and offline work. That's Myrtle taking her turn in my laptop for a while to update her pages. We've been laughing our asses off with the things we have been seeing in the internet, specifically, Facebook. XD

Karen, a housemate, one of what they call, the Big 4.


Jai and Jaj. Seriously, I couldn't tell who is who. Sooo identical. O_O

BLAH. I'm already at my critical point to exhaustion with being sleep deprived for a few days and being at work for 10 hours straight hence the obviously fatigued face. XD Hahaha! Myrtle looked lovely though even though I know she's tired as well. Her whole outfit is also my own work. 

I'll be posting more of our collaboration in my Facebook page: Stay tuned! :D

Friday, July 13, 2012

Lolita Shoes from Vogue Royal Cosplay

It's been a long time since I got really really excited to blog about something. I just got home minutes ago soaked and wet from the heavy rain. I just changed into warm clothes and I haven't even removed my make-up yet. I'm that excited, yes! Haha! :))

Today, I closed two deals from two awesome companies who are kind enough to help me share about my expertise. This post will be solely about my experience from a visit at Vogue Royal Cosplay's warehouse.

Royal Cosplay is an infant in the e-commerce industry of local cosplay and lolita business. They import directly from factories in China whom we believe are the same manufacturers of the biggest labels in the field hence the accuracy and quality of offbrand  products they make. I understand that taobao products are already somewhat accessible in the Philippines now with the birth of a few established local distributors but most are usually pre-order basis. Royal Cosplay, on the other hand, doesn't order from taobao but instead, get their supplies from the factory itself hence the lower price. And yes, everything is on hand! You don't have to take the gamble of waiting for your order which would be traveled via sea and could be pounced by an overkill customs fee.

And today, I got the chance to bring home one of them lovelies fully sponsored by Royal Cosplay. fsfesedsedadwdw!! It's been a while since I had new lolita shoes. I'm more obliged to dress up more often now to accomplish my job as their ambassador. You don't know how much effort I did to stay calm during the interview/meeting. Everything is just soooo pretty!

Thank you so much, Royal Cosplay!


I'm effin' surrounded by pretty shoes I don't know what to do. XD Awkward poses are awkward. I woke up late this morning and didn't got a chance to style my hair. I feel like I didn't give them shoesies justice, haha!

And Mr.Tiu, manager of Royal Cosplay, allowed me to try one of the boots. I can't move pretty much because I fear I might ruin the pair. But woooo! Shoe paradise! 8D

 Aside from being their ambassador, they also asked me for a partnership. I'm now an authorized distributor of their lolita shoes since they really want to focus on cosplay wigs. More details shall be posted in my FB page. These shoesies will also be on display on events I join in as an exhibitor. Another to watch out for!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Smell of paper

I've been reuniting with reading lately. I haven't done serious reading ever since my Mama's passing. I'm afraid that a well written novel would trigger my grief and longing. I decided not to touch my unread novels yet though but got myself books that could bring me inspiration and enjoyment.

Biographies of legends in the world of arts. I find it amusing how artists struggle with the conservative culture in the past eras. I especially love Salvador Dali with his revolutionary paintings. Apparently, he is a self proclaimed megalomaniac, as I have read, and found it utterly amusing and humorous.

Of course, some fashion inspirations. This book consists most of traditional wedding dresses. I love how refined dressmaking is back then, if you know what I mean. ;)

Some mangas. I'm not really a manga fan but I adore Mitsukazu Mihara's artworks. One of her works, Doll, is a collection of short stories. Good thing the plots are interesting..perfect for her art style. The stories are a mix of fetish and psychological themes. Not for kids though but I like it.

I used to dream of being an illustrator as my major career when I was younger. I drew this watercolor painting for Philippine Gothic and Lolita Community's grand gathering poster. I would very much be honored if a talented writer would like to make a collaboration with me. *winks* How about your characters dressed in Lolita in high-fashion style human figure?

Special thanks to my friend, Amadeobeloved, for sending me her preloved watercolor set. Love it to bits!

Anybody know a good place to hunt books in Manila? I'm mostly looking for bargain and for some reason, I have a thing for old, used books. I just love the smell and the feel of it. Let me know, thanks! <3

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Berry Breeze JSK


It's been a while. I totally failed at this blogging thing. I haven't been fond of going out lately for I find enjoyment and fulfillment when I lock myself at my studio. I guess I haven't been fully healed enough.. I miss my mom every time. When I feel exhausted, I would come up to her room, touch her things, and smell the scent of her.

Yesterday, I took the courage to clean up my studio and make dresses out of my rotting collection of fabrics. Not literally though, if you know what I mean. Haha. I was usually very fond of the sweet substyle so I have lots of fabrics suited for sweet. I would get rid of them now so I could go on to designing fresh dresses.

Here's one of maybe last sweet things I would be doing this year. Maybe. ;)

The apron jumperskirt, actually, could be worn in two ways, the heart and straps are detachable hence it could be worn also as a skirt alone. The bows and trinkets on the heart are also detachable brooches.

And oh, I just released my first batch of wigs. You might want to check them out?
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