Saturday, June 2, 2012

Xocolat Lolita Meet

For the first time, I went to a meet as a guest. I usually host the gatherings in our local comm but since I've been too busy to think about hosting, gladly, my friend and co-admin took the effort to organize one to mark the end of summer.

There were lot of new girls. Most of them, I've met before but it's the first time to have them come to a meet. Which is good because the more, the merrier. I wasn't able to take a lot of interesting photos for as usual, I've been glomping and harassing my friends that I haven't seen for quiet a while. I didn't even bothered thinking too much about my outfit. I just threw in a skirt I made and a blouse and I flew with my friends. I was more looking forward to see them than to think of my outfit. :b

last two photos by Jio Verona

The meet was brief. We usually stay up late but that doesn't mean it's less fun. See how happy we look in the photos? I wish everyday could be like this. <3