Thursday, June 14, 2012

Newest works

I won't be posting my works on individual posts since I got no time to spare. I have an event in 10 hours and I haven't even packed my things yet. Ugh.

Anyway, here they are.

This is a lavender JSK with black details as accents.

it comes with a hat and a choker.

pockets are 100% functional. :)

This is my first attempt to make a dress meant for gyaru style. Of course, it still has that lolita feel but I made it shorter than normal. It can still be worn for lolita with an underskirt and a blouse though.

details <3

Also comes with a bracelet

I just finished this dress last night. It's a simple classic lolita dress with a dark touch on it. Very very wearable..

Comes with a matching half bonnet.

These will also be available tomorrow at Toycon. See you guys! <3

Seven years with you.

 They made a statue of us
And put it on a mountain top
Now tourists come and stare at us
Blow bubbles with their gum
Take photographs of fun
Have fun

They'll name a city after us
And later say it's all our fault
Then they'll gave us a talking to
'cause they've got years of experience

Living in a den of thieves
Rummaging for answers in the pages
Living in a den of thieves
And it's contagious.. it's contagious.. -Us by Regina Spektor

June 12 2012. 7 years of friendship, company, and love.. Mostly photos of me because like us, he captures me so well as how he captures photos of me. Yes, I'm cheesy just like that burger above. ;3

Friday, June 8, 2012

Afternoon Tea @ Bizu - International Lolita Day

It was raining hard last Saturday but my system tells me I need to go out and do something else besides designing and dresses. It was also International Lolita Day so I called up my good friend, Kleng, if she's available since she have been wanting to hang out too.

I didn't get any sleep that day due to broken body clock. Kleng didn't too since she is working on a graveyard shift. We were both so tired but sometimes being away from the stresses of home and work by going out for no reason could be relaxing. 

We ate lunch at McDonalds and went for afternoon tea at Bizu later that afternoon. I've been wanting to take my friends there since forever but it just doesn't happen. I'm glad I finally did though and I hope I can take my other best girlfriends too.

The ambiance was great. I was so glad we did this. Plus, the weather's perfect. I do love the rain.

Truffles and macarons. Omnomnomnom!

I was excited to rummage through the lot of desserts but no.. nobody goes home without pictures. XD

Kleng changed to a dress from our shop, Labyrinth Garden, so we can make new ad photos. Please check it out.

Hungry lasses. LOL

My outfit was simple but cute. I was too sleepy in the morning I didn't spent too much time deciding my coordinate. Nevertheless, I like it. Simple and comfy. <3

How did you spent International Lolita Day?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Xocolat Lolita Meet

For the first time, I went to a meet as a guest. I usually host the gatherings in our local comm but since I've been too busy to think about hosting, gladly, my friend and co-admin took the effort to organize one to mark the end of summer.

There were lot of new girls. Most of them, I've met before but it's the first time to have them come to a meet. Which is good because the more, the merrier. I wasn't able to take a lot of interesting photos for as usual, I've been glomping and harassing my friends that I haven't seen for quiet a while. I didn't even bothered thinking too much about my outfit. I just threw in a skirt I made and a blouse and I flew with my friends. I was more looking forward to see them than to think of my outfit. :b

last two photos by Jio Verona

The meet was brief. We usually stay up late but that doesn't mean it's less fun. See how happy we look in the photos? I wish everyday could be like this. <3

Friday, June 1, 2012

Punk princess

I completely forgot about this blog. What a bummer. lol. I haven't been updating due to I actually have nothing to update. My life is still as annoyingly busy as it was and because of that, I usually get lazy to even dress up. boo!

Anyway, here is a commission I recently finished. It was just a simple punk lolita skirt and a waist corset.

The corset gave me a hard time. It was not the best choice of fabric..The quality is good but the fabric is too soft it was hard sewing the pieces together. But in the end, with mixed patience and hardwork, I managed to do it nicely.

Commission me? Send me some love at

Dorotee Sweetlips giveaway

I'm having a giveaway on my fb page. You might want to check it out. :D

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